For business growth, personal development, and success in life, you have to cultivate a success mindset. This article shares 6 strategies to do the same.


Everyone in the world wants to be successful. But not everyone becomes successful. 

Studying many influential personalities, I have learned that successful people have different ways of thinking. This thinking and alternate perception make them unique from ordinary people. 

We may not think much about our thinking, but it affects the total output of our life. 

Our thoughts are reflected in our routine, habits, behavior, and state of mind. We, or more aptly, our thinking, is solely responsible for our life state. 

You can’t expect to become successful doing things you did when you were unsuccessful. If you want success, you have to change. 

Change yourself, your thinking patterns, your mindset, and your behavior. 

The root of being successful lies in cultivating a successful mindset. The stronger it is, the more likely you are to achieve success. 

Once we cultivate a success mindset, we will be unstoppable, achieving great things in life. But first, let us understand what success is?

What is success?

Success is very personal and subjective in nature. One may believe having a lot of money and status contributes to success. 

In contrast, for others, it may be a personal achievement like buying a house or building lasting relations.

Either way, most people consider being financially well off and having a lot of money as success. 


But success is an overall development of your life, including finances, personal equations, professional relations, a healthy mindset, and mental status quo.

Income level may be a subsequent indicator of success, but it is only the outer layer. 

Peeling the different layers, you will discover the core of success points to being happy with who you are, what you feel about yourself, and the decisions you make in life. 

To be happy with yourself, you have to change your mental abilities, i.e., mindset and thinking, and physical abilities, i.e., actions and decisions. 

To cultivate a success mindset, you need to think like a successful person, act like them, make decisions like them and take steps like them.

6 strategies to cultivate a success mindset

1. Think out of the box


Ordinary people follow the normal thinking pattern, but successful people think differently. 

No one believed in the popularity of smartphones, but Steve Jobs thought differently, and today we all have a smartphone tucked in our pockets.

What people perceive wrong today may be right tomorrow. The world is changing, and we have to understand our priorities. 

To cultivate a success mindset, you have to think differently. Don’t listen to others. Be firm in your opinion and do what you feel is right. Even if you fail, you will learn things that will help you grow. 

Successful people continually challenge the status quo. They question authorities. If they find something is not right, they fight back and take action to remedy the situation. 

The most incredible thing about thinking out of the box is that it is a skill, not an inborn talent. You can develop this ability and learn to think differently. 

Techniques to think differently

  • Learn to see the bigger picture and act accordingly. Don’t be tempted to get instant rewards and gratification. Though it can be satisfying in the short term, it is disastrous in the long term. 
  • Seek objective truth even at the cost of your failure or challenging others’ opinions. Objective truths are permanent truths that can’t be influenced by others. E.g., There are 24 hours in a day is an objective truth.  
  • Get into the habit of curiosity and inquisitive thinking. Challenge everything you know about yourself, your work, and other things. Questioning will enhance clarity and knowledge, which will help make impactful decisions.  
  • Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Don’t be scared of failures. One who takes more risks gains more benefits. One who fails a lot learns lessons, which helps in becoming successful. 

2. Embrace the changes and failure

Cultivating a success mindset requires embracing various changes. You will never succeed with the same habits and routine. 

You have to change your behavior to grow. Update your version from 1.0, which is unsuccessful, to 2.0, which is booming

We often say that a person has changed after achieving success. Well, yes, that is 100% true. 

A successful person goes through various ups and downs to reach where he is. He learns many lessons while failing many times, and this experience changes him. 

In fact, I would say these changes are the sole reason for the success of that person.

Most people are afraid of failing, and hence they don’t try new things. They are cooped up in their comfort zone. They hold on to their identity a lot. 

This leads to a fixed mindset which blocks growth. Instead, you should have a growth mindset where you let go of your presumed identity and evolve your personality. 

Remember, success comes with growing pains. People around you will not like the change in you. They may stop talking to you, but you should not surrender. 

Change makes all the people around us very uncomfortable. You may lose some friends on the path to success. But don’t worry, you will find new acquaintances and friends too. 

Dont be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself trying to please everyone around you.

Ways to embrace change and failure

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Do things that you absolutely don’t want to do. This will help you grow as a person.
  • Don’t envy others’ success. Instead, be inspired by them and work towards your goals. 
  • Failure is not the end but the start. If you have never failed at anything, you have never attempted something new. Understand that failure is not the opposite of success but is a part of it. 
  • Train your lizard brain, which is always looking for comfort. Challenge your lizard brain, which is looking for comfortable opportunities, by doing things that you are uncomfortable doing.

Example: If you are socially shy about meeting new people and like your comfort at home, go outside and talk to as many people as possible to train your lizard brain.

3. The magic of dreaming big

The world accepts you at the valuation you put on yourself. So set it high. 

The concept of dreaming big is the key to cultivating a successful mindset. Big dreams help you stay motivated to achieve your goals. 

Big goals create constant pressure and tension that pushes you to work hard to achieve them. You can never go beyond anything you have dreamed of. 

Dreaming big is like a promise you make to yourself. If not fulfilled, it leads to disappointment, and hence, you work harder to obstruct any such feelings. 

Believe in your ability to accomplish remarkable things. Having faith in yourself will compel others to have confidence in you. 

I had dreams, and I had nightmares. I conquered my nightmares because of my dreams. 

Jonas Salk

Only dreaming big is not going to take you anywhere. You have to take action, challenge your comfort zone and do things even if you feel lazy. Also, you should choose your dreams or goals wisely.

Big goals should challenge you, but they should be well within your ability. Having unrealistic goals will cause stress, anxiety, and burnout which is not good for your mental health. 

Tips for dreaming big

  • Set long-term and short-term goals in such a way that they align with your ultimate dream.

Your dream is to become a successful digital marketer. Your long-term goal should be to build a website, and your short-term goal should be to take a digital marketing course. Here both the goals align with the ultimate dream. 

  • Write your ultimate dream and things you would do to achieve them. Share it with your friends, colleagues, or on social media. This will create positive pressure on you to take action.
  • Use the Goldilock principle while setting goals. The challenge of goals should be of manageable difficulty. It should also not be too easy. Make use of SMART goal setting to set your goals. 
  • Cultivate confidence and face the fear that stops you from dreaming big. Believe in yourself, use your vision, enjoy the process, and achieve success no one ever imagined.

4. Growth mindset

To cultivate a success mindset, you have to dedicate yourself to growth and learning. 

Successful people always have the ultimate aim of growing. They are always trying new things and learning new skill sets, reading more books. They are exploring new avenues to invest in themselves. 


They are flexible enough to change when the situation demands. Ordinary people quit when they have to struggle a little. 

Successful people don’t give up even if they are struggling immensely. This is because they know they are learning in the process of struggling. 

Ordinary people have a fixed mindset that says skills are part of your personality, and you can’t change them regardless of how much you practice. While a growth mindset believes that you can achieve anything with practice over time. 

They have very high standards for themselves and never let people tell them what they can and can not do. 

Also, to cultivate a success mindset quit asking people for their opinion because most people will only drag you down. 

Ways to prompt your growth mindset

  • Face your fears. It may be the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams. Make more mistakes. That way, you will grow and learn more. 
  • Always be in the pursuit of learning something new. Master a new skill or learn a new instrument. You may be poor at the start, but you will become better with time.
  • Cross the border of your comfort zone. Push yourself to achieve something that challenges you. You will never achieve something worth applauding if you don’t get out of your comfort zone. 
  • Don’t be attached to the way you have always done something. Be curious and open to new ways of doing things. Start asking questions like why? How? What? Why not?

5. Enhance positivity

Ensure you are in a positive state of mind. Positivity is essential for the excellent quality of your work. 

Frustration, sadness, anxiety, and depression can destroy your life. Focusing on all the positive aspects of your life will make you happier and more fulfilled. 


It is not that after achieving success, you will be happy; you have to adopt a positive mindset to become content in the process. 

To cultivate a success mindset, you have to focus on what is essential and avoid distractions that make you unhappy. 

In the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, the author compared our minds with gardens. Thinking negative thoughts will lead to negative influences in life while thinking positive thoughts will lead to positivity and success. 

We don’t even have the luxury of 1 negative thought. One negative experience starts a cycle of negative experiences. While on the other side, positivity attracts and breeds more positive experiences. 

You can not control circumstances, but you can always control your reaction to the situation. 

Positivity comes from inside and is not bound to any external circumstances. Take a step back and channel your perception to a positive state of mind to cultivate a success mindset. 

When you adopt a glass-half-full strategy in your life, you will see all your setbacks as an additional opportunity to grow and learn new things. 

Studies say that optimistic people are more likely to attain happiness and success.

Techniques to increase positivity

  • Every day engage your mind in peaceful meditation for 10 minutes early in the morning. It helps you relax and fuel up for the entire day.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Eliminate people who are always talking and making you feel negative about yourself. 
  • Make a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things that you are thankful for. Gratitude increases self-esteem and cuts down stress in negative-like situations.
  • Enhance your positive outlook. While everything may not be good in your life, there is good in every situation only if you are willing to find it. 

6. Productive workflow

Most people only dream of being successful. They don’t achieve anything significant. 

Successful people differ from the average crowd because they prove themselves by working hard. They dream big and consistently take action to achieve their dreams. 

Time is a unique resource. We all have limited time in our life. And everyone gets the same amount of time in one day. 

Successful people get more quality work done in less time. They cultivate a success mindset; you have to start working towards your goals. 

Avoid all distractions while you are in your working zone. Don’t fire up your mobile phones as soon as you get up. This will decrease your productivity


Focus on your work and creativity. Don’t let procrastination ruin your chance of achieving goals.

Discipline is vital for productivity. Every day, do something that brings you one step closer to your dream. Create a bridge of discipline to reach your goals and accomplish them. 

Success does not happen overnight. You have to make long-term commitments to achieve it. There are no shortcuts or easy ways out. You have to stay focused every day. 

Ways to enhance your productive workflow

  • When you start working, ensure you work in a tight bubble of focus for as long as possible. The tight bubble of focus is a metaphoric term that states an imaginative bubble that helps you do focus work without any distraction.
  • Every day commit yourself to becoming 1% better and closer to your goal. Committing and doing things every day will compound into something much bigger.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself with too much work at one time. Take small breaks whenever you start feeling unproductive. You can follow the 60-10 work-break cycle to enhance productivity.
  • Write down all the tasks to do and new ideas on your mobile or notebook. This will help clear your mind and enhance your focus. Our mind is an excellent tool for generating new ideas but is not good with memorization. 


Cultivating a success mindset requires dedication, willingness to learn, commitment, and patience. Mindset is a continuous work in progress. But it can help you change your life positively. 

Be true to yourself by believing in your capability and ability to do great things. Once you believe that, adapting habits that ensure success becomes easy. 

Embrace all your setbacks, failures, and improvements you have to make. Lastly, it takes time to cultivate a success mindset and experience its positive outcomes. So be patient. 

Soul potion

Take care of yourself

Everything needed to cultivate a success mindset starts with you. Spend some alone time with yourself and your thoughts. Know yourself better, and you will unleash the true power beyond your wildest dreams. 

Be aware of yourself, your strength, weakness, uniqueness, struggles, etc. Have a positive self-belief by understanding, trusting, and accepting your abilities. 

Successful people are very self-aware and take care of their mental and physical health. They know the value of their body and hence work hard to keep it healthy. 


How to take care of yourself

  • Exercise every day to keep your mind, body, and soul in better shape.
  • Take care of your diet. Don’t go on eating food that is not good for your mind and body. Eat whole food and cut down on non-veg food, if possible. 
  • Develop self-awareness and talk to yourself. Know your most profound dreams, fears, commitments, and struggles.
  • Practice self-compassion and let go of your mistakes. Successful people struggle to achieve their goals, but they don’t suffer. Struggle leads to learning, while suffering will only lead to tough times.   

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