The 5 am club book is a remarkable guide to waking early and setting a daily morning routine to ensure overall development.

The 5 am club book possesses a strong argument about your morning routine. It suggests that a morning routine that is consistent and structured can help you achieve health, wealth, productivity, and happiness.

The core mantra of owning your morning to elevate your life is repeated several times in the book.


The 5 am club book takes a fictional take for the readers to understand the importance and concepts of the early morning routine. The fictional characters of entrepreneur, artist, business tycoon, and Spellbinder web a story that better connects us to the book. 

The core concepts that the book focuses on are:

  • Cultivate the habit of waking up early and becoming the top 5% of elite performers.
  • Installing an early morning awakening habit will be hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.
  • Small insignificant changes will compound unimaginable results over time in the future. Remember, all the good things take time.

In the 5 am club book, Robin Sharma (author) has advised the readers to wake up early and follow a structured routine. 

Even though you may find it difficult to wake up and want to snuggle into your blanket, persist, and you will observe the positive outcomes. Everything that you find easy now was once challenging.

4 Focuses of history makers

Capitalization IQ

The 5 am club book suggests that elite performers don’t become legendary because of the natural talent they are born with but to the extent of potential they can capitalize. 

Capitalization is intelligently exploiting the natural gift that you have with utmost dedication and discipline. We must believe in our capacity to do great things and stop falling for the learned victimhood. 

We should stop adopting the paradigm of the victim who blames everything on the situation or person.

Freedom from distraction.

5 am club book highly adheres to the statement an addiction to any distraction is sure death of focus and creativity. Social media and modern technologies have led to a drop in productivity, fewer honest conversations, and a handful of real connections with people.

Another concept is to simplify your work and work only on one project at one time. Sometimes being busy is not the same as being productive.

The reason why mobiles and social media distracts us more is that it makes us feel safe. Contradictory, while doing new things, we step out of our comfort zone, which inculcates fear in our brains.


Personal mastery practice

Personal mastery is all about constantly training yourself towards improving yourself daily. Internal improvements will lead to increased creativity, productivity and performance. Your outside situation is a clear reflection of what is inside you.  

The 5 am club book suggests you to work on 4 Interior empires to achieve greatness and improvement. They are as follows:


Mindset is a set of beliefs that motivates you to behave in a particular manner. It also involves all the strategies you apply to achieve your goals.

Mindset covers 25% of overall improvement.


Heartset, covering another 25%, which involves improving your emotional and family life. It relates to cultivating rich relations and filling your heart with positive thoughts. In Robin Sharma’s other book, the monk who sold his Ferrari, he has explained how showing gratitude can help improve your emotions.


Healthset speaks about the physical dimension of your life that covers 25% of improvement in your life. Longevity is essential for legendary performance, and you can achieve it by regular physical exercise. Further, physical activities can help keep your mind healthy and operate at the highest level of cognition.


The last 25% of overall improvement is improving your soulset. Referring to your spirituality, this set in the 5 am club book suggests working on your courage, compassion, and conviction.

Though most people may view this set as religion- related, it is more about connecting with your inner self by practicing meditation and self-inspection. 


Together, the mindset, heartset, healthset, and soulset will lead to overall prosperity and improvement in life. Any accomplishment without any of the set is incomplete and hollow.

Day stacking

For creating self-mastery, you have to make continuous efforts on overall improvement every day. Improving only 1% every day will lead to 30% improvement in a month. Achieving small micro wins and compounding them with consistency and regularness will help you make history. 


Habit installation protocol 

Something that makes people master is not their genes but their habits. And to enhance your victory in self-mastery, consistency and persistence are essential. 

The 5 am club book explains the habit installation protocol for you to make a habit of waking at 5 am every morning. You can’t form habits in one day. It requires a continuous dedication of a minimum of 66 days for an action to become a habit.

The 3 Stages of habit installation are as follows:

Stage 1: Destruction phase (22 days)

Any habit initially will be unpleasant and complicated at the start. This stage is often difficult because you are challenging your comfort zones and destroying your old operating mechanism. When you start waking up early at 5 am, make sure you do it every day without fail.

Persistency is something that will lead you to develop a habit successfully. If a routine is not challenging, it would not be genuine and valuable in the end.

Stage 2: Installation (22 days)

The 5 am club book explains that the installation phase involves tearing old foundations and habits by replacing them with new ones. This phase is often associated with stress, frustration, and confusion. 

Your bed will tempt you to sleep, and you will rethink your decision about joining the 5 am club. But this is the point where things will become easy going forward, and your habit will soon become a routine. So don’t quit and persist even though you don’t feel like it.

Phase 3: Integration (22 days)

In this final stage, everything you have persisted for will come together. You will first-hand experience all the benefits and advantages that the book promises. 

This 66 days process is required for our brain to encode a habit into our routine. All your hard work, commitment, and grit come together as a habit integrates into your system.

Automaticity point

After completing the 66 days of the determined and committed routine of waking at 5, you achieve the automaticity point. It means now you no longer have to gather your willpower to wake early. The continuous repetition will wire your brain for waking at 5 am without any difficulty.

20/20/20 formula 

To become among the top elite performers, you have to do things that ordinary people are lazy to do. A great start would be to wake up in the early morning at 5 am.

In the 5 am club book, the period between 5 am to 6 am is considered the victory hour. The author suggests that during this victory hour, you should make active efforts to improve your mindset, heartset, healthset, and soulset.

You would lose the motivation to wake in the early hours if there is no clear layout about what to do in this victory hour. Hence, the 5 am club book shows the exact structure of what to do.

The author has divided the victory hour into three sections known as pockets. Each packet consists of 20 minutes. Hence, it is known as the 20/20/20 formula.

5.00 – 5.20 am : Pocket 1: Move

First thing in the morning, you should exercise. This will make you sweat and revolutionize your quality of day. 

Moving around vigorously ensures you get refreshed after waking up. Along with this, exercise also helps to electrify your focus and creativity, increase self-discipline, and amplify your performance.


Exercising for just 20 minutes in the early morning decreases your cortisol level (hormone of fear), which is responsible for stunning your geniuses and creativity. 

Physical activity accompanied by sweating ensures the release of BDNF, which enhances cognitive ability and supercharges you for the day.

5.20 – 5.40 am: Pocket 2: Reflect

The 5 am club book suggests you take this time to isolate yourself from all the distractions and use the silence period to reflect on your life. Suggestions like meditation, journaling, visualization, planning are some activities you can undertake.

Author Robin Sharma stresses inculcating journaling for at least a few minutes in this pocket. The key here is to write. It can be a task you want to achieve on the day, some incident, your frustrations, dreams, gratitude list, resentments, etc. 

5.40 – 6.00 am: Pocket 3: Grow

This pocket in the 5 am club book tells you to increase your knowledge base and sharpen your skills to outlearn your competition. Use your energy to instill expertise and skills that are essential for your industry as well as society.

Make yourself more knowledgeable by reading books, autobiographies, podcasts, articles on psychological advancements, and such for your mastery and development. Though a foreign concept today, inculcating a habit of reading books can help in overall development.


Twin cycle of elite

We always believe that if we work more, we will achieve more. But that is not entirely true. When you work for endless hours without breaks, you burn out and lose productivity.

Elite performers always know how to exactly balance their high excellence cycle(HEC) and deep refueling cycles (DRC). You don’t only grow when you are working but also when you are resting or exercising.

The example given in the 5 am club book that fits perfectly here is farming. In farming, after sowing the seeds, planting the crops, and getting serious work done, there comes a fallow season. It is the season of resting where you may feel you are wasting time, but this is the season when the harvest actually blooms.


Rest is an inevitable part of your growth and endurance. Don’t feel guilty while you rest or are not working. Proper rest and sleep are crucial for the next day’s productive and energized work.


The 5 am club book summarizes all the essential aspects to ensure waking early at 5 am becomes easy for you. While doing so, the author revolves the story between the main characters and different places like India, South Africa, Brazil, and many more countries, making it unique. Throughout the book, there is the theme of owning your morning to elevate your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Soul potion

The 5 am club book not only helps you become an early bird but also guides you through the night routines.

7-8 pm

The author suggests having your meal by 8 pm. Also, detox yourself from technology. The blue light emitted by the devices decreases your melatonin levels, which reduces your sleep quality. It may become one of the core reasons you ditch the 5 am morning routine.

8-9 pm

After the meal, have a genuine conversation with your family, friends, or partners. You can also use this time for a small nature walk, reading, and listening to podcasts. The session may include several other recreational pursuits, such as an Epsom salt bath.

9-10 pm

Now, prepare for your sleep in a preferably undisturbed and cold darkroom. Have a technology-free bedroom to ensure no distractions. If possible, practice gratitude for at least 5 minutes. Make sure your exercising gears, if any, are ready for the next day’s work.


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