This article sheds light on the various spectrums of time in our life. It further dives into 5 Surprisingly unique characteristics of time. 


Time is the most absolute, invisible and constantly running out in our life. No one has ever seen time, but everyone can feel the time passing by. 

Our present soon became yesterday. Our future quickly becomes our present which quickly becomes the past. This is a continuous cycle, and without any delay, seasons and years pass by. 

Has it ever happened when you wake up in the middle of the night for water, you know roughly what time it is without even looking at the clock? How is this possible? Cognitive neuroscience says that human minds have an excellent perception of sensing time. 


Hence, they can easily sense time passing by in weeks, months and years. But research is continuously going on to find the exact location in the brain where it takes place.

Time is simply a sequence of events taking place at a relatively measurable and consistent rate. It progresses through an irreversible take from the past to the present until the future. 

Time is an essential element of our life, and hence, it is necessary to study some distinguishing characteristics of time. 

5 Surprisingly Unique Characteristics Of Time

Time in the healing process

Often heard about the quote saying time heals all wounds. Is it true that time helps us heal all the traumatic experiences we face in our life? Among the various responses of yes and no, the answer totally depends from person to person. 

Amongst the various traumatic experiences that include going through a break-up, having a financial crisis or grieving for losing someone, people often have a cliche saying that time heals everything


This statement in itself may not be entirely accurate because not all wounds are healed by time. Various other factors, such as acceptance of what has happened, personal wish to move on, solid emotional support, etc., play an essential role in healing. 

Time is a great healer may not be entirely correct, but we can’t ignore that time can help the healing process. Losing someone can be very painful and traumatic immediately, but it becomes less painful with time. 

Though time may not be a healer in itself, it can definitely take away or reduce the bitterness, pain, negativity or sorrow associated with trauma. 

Key takeaway

  • A traumatic experience may be less painful after some time passes. 
  • Time may not be a healer in itself but is very important in the healing process. 
  • Along with time, other elements such as acceptance of the loss, motivation to move on, etc., also plays a vital role in healing. 

Time as a teacher 

Time controls the entire schedule of our life, from the beeping of your alarm till you get into bed for sleep. But the significant characteristics of time is that it teaches us many important lessons in life. 

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Sir said that life and time are the 2 most outstanding teachers globally. While life teaches us to make good use of time, time leads us to value our life.

Time teaches us to be grateful, forgiving, and helps us grow as an individual. When losing someone, we are thankful for all our memories with them. After a break-up, time teaches us to forgive and let go of our grudges. 

When a friendship with your best friends ends or when your relationship of 5 years takes a downturn, time helps us grow. It assists you to become strong while also teaching you to put your needs first. 

Time helps us to find good friends and ditch foes. It allows us to differentiate between our well-wishers and back bitcher. 

High School friends who were once our best advocates suddenly become critics, while parents who we thought to be critics suddenly become the best well-wishers in our adult life.  

Key takeaways

  • Life teaches us to value our time, and time teaches us to value our life.
  • Time helps inculcate the values of forgiveness, gratefulness, and enhances our growth. 
  • It aids us in distinguishing between our allies and opponents. 

Time as a valuable resource 

The characteristics of the time state that it’s our most valuable resource. Even more than money. Money once lost can be earned back, but time once lost can never be acquired again. 

Time is something that everyone gets equally, whether rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful. It’s just that successful people use their time wisely while rest just waste it on unnecessary events or things. 

Time is also compared to a flowing river. You can never feel the same water twice because the flow has passed. Similarly, you can not touch the time which has passed. 

Time is also very uncertain. You never know when you will die, so do things you want to do and always have a deathbed mentality


Another unique characteristic of time is that every living thing in the universe is bound and affected by time. 

However young you may be, with time, you start ageing. Similarly, however, fresh food maybe, but after some time, it starts decaying. Even a dead body decomposes with time. 

Key takeaways

  • Time is an irreversible resource. Once gone, it can never return.  
  • Everyone has the same 24 hours available to them in 1 day. Use it to do things that you really want to do. 
  • Everyone and everything is bound to time. Ageing, decomposition, decaying are some effects of time passing by. 

Time is money

While most people are seen running behind money, they forget that having millions of dollars in their bank account will be useless if you don’t have time to enjoy the same. With time you can make money, but with money, you can never buy time that has passed, not even a second. 

Time is money. This phrase is used metaphorically to highlight that time is priceless in every sector of life. To reap the benefits of time, you need patience. 

When you start a new business, it needs time to make money; similarly, a relationship requires time to become strong. Further, you were once a tiny baby, but you grew into beautiful individuals with time. 


Time is money because it takes time for a skill to develop or a business to prosper. In simple words, if you want to earn a good amount of money, you need to invest time to sharpen your skills or business every day. 

Writing 2 pages every day will take you a long way if you want to develop your writing skills. And with time maybe you will write a book. Similarly, all good things come to you with time and with consistency. 

Key takeaways

  • Time can buy money, but money can’t buy time. 
  • Patience and time are priceless, and you have to invest in both to see the results. 
  • It takes time and consistency to make money, develop skills, or grow your business. 

Time as a change

Time changes human perceptions. Perceptions often have a massive impact on a person’s mental health, peace of mind and happiness. One of the most unique characteristics of time is that it keeps moving or flowing. 

What was your past is not necessarily your present. Similarly, your present will not be your future. For example, your school friend may not be with you because you have lost contact. Also, your recent high school friends may or may not be with you in the future. 

Time is also very unpredictable because it changes. A business that may be doing well may take a dip in the future. 


Nokia was the mobile industry giant and dominated the entire market in 1998. Amongst the various reasons for its downfall now, resisting change with time was one of the dominant ones. 

Similarly, businesses that may be unsuccessful initially can gain rapid success with time, focus and determination. 

As time passes by, you see changes in your personality. What you were in your childhood is much different than who you are now. Personal change refers to the evolution of style, perspective, maturity, ability, skills, etc. 

Your personality is groomed, and you are respected in the community when you have enough exposure, experience and work, which requires time. 

Key takeaways

  • Human perceptions change with time and can affect your happiness and mental peace. 
  • Time is very unpredictable. It can change for good or bad. 
  • Time can directly affect your personality and maturity.


All the renowned personalities have understood the true importance and characteristics of time. Therefore, You will never find them procrastinating their work. They do things when they need to be done, and people respect them for the same. 

He who respects time will automatically gain people’s respect. While he who wastes time will always procrastinate and never do anything worth applauding. So don’t waste your minimal time. 

If you want to start a business, do it now; begin now if you desire to write a book. Because tomorrow may never come. 

Soul potion 

Whether rich or poor, everyone has the same liberty of having 24 hours a day. Time will act on you if you don’t work in time. So don’t waste your time, instead invest your time with efficient time management techniques like making a list, planning in advance, prioritising, etc. 

Using techniques like the 60/10 method, tight bubble of focus, daily 5 concepts, and 90/90/1 rule can help you better manage your time and get more work done in less time. 


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