This article highlights the importance and benefits of adopting the magic of thinking big.


The art of thinking big is one of the most essential skills for developing a successful mindset. Many successful personalities have cultivated the habit of thinking big early in life.  

Every big personality and motivational guru always suggest thinking big and out of the box. 

Explore the changes and aspects that no one has ever believed in. This is because they have realized and utilized the magic of thinking big. 

Think Big


Why is thinking big important

Technology and the internet have unlocked new avenues for different possibilities and potentials which were not feasible in ancient times. 

It has promoted freedom of speech, thoughts and revolutionized the way we perceive things. 

The information revolution has also made it easy to access any information you want for free or at cheap costs. This has opened our minds to the magic of thinking big. 

People today earn millions and billions of dollars without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Today, visualizing the future without limitations motivates us to find solutions instead of focusing on our problems. 

Many think the magic of thinking big is only a mental visualization technique to enhance our life goals. But it is much more than that. 

Learning the magic of thinking big helps us free our minds from being prisoners and accept freedom of thought. It enables our minds to expand and accept diverse potentials. 

5 reasons you should think big

1. Source of motivation

Yes, the magic of thinking big acts as a motivator for you to achieve your dreams. It acts as the driving force that compels you to achieve great things. 

If you lack the motivation to achieve your goals, then maybe your goals are not big enough to motivate you. 

The scarcity mentality kicks in. If the goals are too average or leisurely, you would never look at them and work on them. 

But if the goals are different and more significant than others, we would want to achieve them. 

Goals that can be easily achieved would never drive you. 

Studying at a local college may not excite you, but studying at Yale or Oxford University will motivate you. When something entices you, you work double hard to achieve it. 

This is the most powerful reason to learn the art of thinking big. Something that drives you will make you successful and happy. 

In his early days, Akon was a criminal who was charged with theft. He was in jail for 6 months. The disturbing atmosphere there made him realize that he never wanted to return to prison again.

Akon promised himself that he would become a rockstar once he was out of jail. 

As soon as he got out, he started working towards his dream of being a rockstar. 

And today, Akon is one of the most well-known artists in the world. This is the magic of thinking big. Akon became a rockstar by thinking big in jail. 

2. Drives you to work hard

Every morning imagine one big goal that you want to achieve. It can be anything; starting your own company, being financially independent, or earning a 6 figure salary. Now, visualize you have achieved that goal. 

Imagine how you would feel about achieving the goal. 

Visualize the expressions of those around you when they see you achieving your dreams. Make a note of how happy you feel achieving them. 

Now, you have tasted the success and how it feels to achieve big goals. Even if it is in your visualization. 

Encountering emotions and feelings of achieving something great will push you to work harder smartly.

A girl working


Vinod Khosla, born in Pune, went to the USA for better opportunities. Today, he is among the most influential entrepreneurs in the US. 

When asked what kept him pushing to achieve this success, he said he always visualized building a billion-dollar company. 

Your aim should be to build a billion-dollar company and not a million-dollar company. 

Having such a bigger mindset helps you to grow. Initially, any startup would not make any money, but your mindset plays a vital role as the company grows. 

Having a million-dollar company will bound you to small teams, small hacks, and comparatively small problems to solve. 

But having a billion-dollar company will push you to have a bigger team, enhance marketing hacks, solve bigger problems, and enhance your ability to think big. 

3. Challenges your comfort

Thinking big will challenge you out of your comfort zones. You can’t do great things in life by doing what you do every day. You have to think differently than ordinary people.

The power and magic of thinking big is that it takes an idea and makes it big in your mind, so big that it starts to feel like reality. 

And you start working towards your idea with a different perspective. 

You will feel uncomfortable when you start doing things differently from other people. It would also be terrifying, but you will soon get used to it. 

You will discover wonders once you get out of your comfort zone and explore new things. 

Even if you fail while doing certain things, you will grow and learn the correct way to do things. 

Once there was a clerk named Clarence Saunders. Though a clerk in a small shop, he was a big thinker. 

He went to the restaurant one day where there was no service because all the waiters had quit for some reason. 

Seeing this, Saunders came up with the idea of self-serving shops and markets. He built the first self-serving supermarket and named it Piggly Wiggly. It was a massive hit. 

People loved this self-serving supermarket. It was cheap, cost-saving, and efficient. Saunders became very rich because of his idea. 

He achieved success because he got out of his comfort zone and took the risk of establishing the supermarket. 

He could have been well in his comfort zone doing his clerical work, but then he wouldn’t have known the miracles of his idea and its worth. 

4. Explores your full potential

Thinking big explores your potential to the fullest. You will never know how much you or your ideas are worth until you go out and try them. 

Maybe you have the potential to get a 6 figure salary, but because of your small thinking and reluctance to get out of your comfort zone, you are rotting with your present not-so-high-paying job. 

Thinking small is the worst you can do to yourself because it limits your value and potential. 

Don’t ever play it small; you will not know your potential until you try it out. 

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I have always wished to start my own blog. But I thought it was too much work, and you require a lot of patience to start seeing the return. 

Plus, I didn’t have spare money to hire a website developer. If I were to start the blog, I would have to do it from scratch on my own. 

With great determination, I started the blog in December 2021. It was a lot of work, but I learned it. And today, I am confident enough to design a website for someone else. 

I didn’t know I had the capacity or potential to do so, but I built the confidence to do so when I did. 

5. Right opportunities with the right people

You will always want a good-paying and engaging job. Further, you would also like to work with some excellent minds who are driven by their passion. 

This is the sole reason why successful companies attract people who think big. When you dream big, you constantly tell the world you have big dreams. 

The magic of thinking big will constantly remind you of the extraordinary success you are yet to achieve. Hence, thinking big attracts the right opportunities and people in your life.     



The best example of dreaming big is as follows. There is an immense high-paying and good job opportunity pasted on a portal. But only 5 people apply for the opening. 

Out of these 5, 4 job seekers work with reputed and successful firms, while 1 Jobseeker works at a relatively small firm. 

No other small company employee put forth their name for seeking the job. They thought they wouldn’t be eligible for such an admirable job. They think small. 

One small company person who applied for a job is a big thinker. He thought, ‘this was an opportunity for growth and development. 

The work required may be more, but I will manage somehow. Let’s give this job a try.’ 

And he got the job because the company was looking for someone who could dream big and be determined to achieve them. 

This is where the magic of thinking big makes all the difference in the world. 


Thinking big needs action and constant adaptation. The magic of thinking big is a continuous work in progress. 

You have to develop the ability to learn from failure, get feedback from people, make on-the-go adjustments to the plans, and correct your mistakes to achieve success. 

You will have many reasons to let go of your big thinking mindset and many reasons to keep going with your big dreams. 

You have to decide whether to make your journey memorable with the art of thinking big or remaining stuck in your comfort zones.

Soul potion

Not a privilege

Have you ever thought, why don’t most people think big? The reason is simple. 

Most people have the wrong perspective that thinking big requires more time and energy. 

Dream Big


This is not true. Dreaming big requires the same amount of time and energy as small thinking. All the people have 24 hours a day. 

The magic of thinking big is not a privilege or in-built ability. With practice, anyone can develop a mindset that is acclimated to thinking big. 

But not everyone succeeds by thinking big. It is also about the time, effort, and determination you put into achieving your big dreams.


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