Get rid of these 5 habits immediately. Because these habits ruin your life. Check the list to ensure you don’t have these habits.


A habit is a routinely performed act. It sticks to us for years and compounds into something remarkable. Depending on our habits, the resultant effect is sometimes good and sometimes bad. 

We tend to make unconscious habits without even realizing them. In the morning, we have the habit of brushing our teeth, reading newspapers, and eating breakfast. 

A man and his son brushing their teeth


Our body is so accustomed to these habits that we often do this morning routine on autopilot mode. Our quality of life is defined by the quality of habits we inculcate. 

Most people give additional focus to creating good habits. In reality, you should focus on patterns that you should avoid to excel in your productivity. Most of the time, what you should not do is much more important than things you should. 

Example: If a person dreams of becoming fit, he should focus on things he should avoid, like eating sweets or junk food along with his gym.

How to find habits that ruin your life

Observe your everyday routine and make a list of all your habits. Make your habit scorecard and mark the habits as positive, negative, or neutral. 

You first must be aware of your bad habits to replace them. Some bad habits that ruin your life can include laziness, spending hours on social media, procrastination, wasting time on useless things, etc. 

Bad Habits


Another way to find bad habits that ruin your life is by asking questions. While performing any activity, ask yourself do these actions align with my overall goal? Or Did I plan to do this? 

Asking such questions rapidly cuts out all the habits damaging your life. Sometimes, you are unaware of spending your time in unproductive activities like scrolling through reels. 

Asking yourself if you plan to mindlessly scroll through Instagram for an hour will help you become conscious of your actions and in turn reduce your usage. 

Unconscious routine actions become habits. These habits shape our character, which in turn influences our life. Hence, bad habits can ruin your entire life. 

5 habits that ruin your life are as follows

1. Know-it-all ego

You often meet people who have a know-it-all attitude. You try teaching them something, and they say they already know it. In reality, that person knows nothing. This type of ego borders on the verge of ignorance. 

This habit ruins your life because it blocks your growth, learning, and development. Stupid people always perceive that they know everything, while intelligent people consider themselves average. Most successful personalities and geniuses are humble and say they have much more to learn in their life. 

Know-it-all ego and ignorance are the two most critical habits that ruin your life and block your path to success. Stay away from them because they will stop you from learning new things, which can be a significant loss. Life is all about learning; it starts from birth and ends with death. 

Remember, there are a lot of things you don’t know. Stay humble, ready to learn, and you will get answers to all your life problems, enabling you to move ahead in your life. 

2. Tactical delaying

Tactical delaying of important tasks that you often do is a habit that ruins your life, and you should get rid of it instantly. Humans have a brief life span, and you want to do many things in this short span.

We have often delayed our studies and made last-minute preparations before our exams. Though it helped us pass exams, it has negatively impacted us. While it worked in school, the business world is very different, and procrastination has its downsides. Last-minute preparations will not help you climb the ladder of success in the business world.

Last-minute preparation in the school seemed cool but corporate values planning and organized work. Procrastination is an ailment that has even inflicted many intelligent billionaires like Bill Gates.

Bill Gates learned various consequences of procrastination the hard way, and hence he worked on his planning organization skills, which led to his success.  



Imagine all that could be achieved once you stop being lazy and do all the essential things. Procrastination is a habit that will ruin your life and block your physical, financial, and personal growth. 

3. Digital addiction

Modern technology like laptops, tabs, and phones, especially phones, have made us dependent and addicted. Smartphones are a remarkable invention, but overusing them can be dangerous. 

Social Media Apps


We have become so addicted to digital devices that we can’t live without them, even for a few minutes. 

We need our phones first thing in the morning until the end of the day when we sleep. 

As soon as we wake up, we need our mobile to surf social media. Every day much of our precious morning time, which can be used productively for exercise, meditation, etc., is wasted on social media. 

Research conducted by Deloitte global mobile consumers found that:

  • 61% of people use phones just after 5 minutes of waking up   
  • 88% use it within 30 minutes of waking up
  • 96% use it within an hour of waking up

But you may ask, why is it so important to not use social media in the morning? Everyone does it. 

Using social media in the peak morning hours can decrease your productivity. Surfing social media increases dopamine release, which is a feel-good motivational hormone. 

This dopamine is like brain food for your mind, and your mind gets addicted to it. Your mind wants to chase after it the whole day, compelling you to surf the internet all day and waste your productivity.  

Hence, it is suggested to not surf social media first thing in the morning. Even Mark Zuckerberg says that addiction to Facebook and other social networks is not good. 

Whether digital devices, alcohol, or anything else, addiction is never good. Except maybe you have an addiction to reading, that may be useful.

4. Not taking care of yourself

To live an extended, healthy, and happy life, you must take care of yourself. Everything you do matters in the overall development of yourself. Take care of what you eat, drink, meet, do for a living, etc. 

Elon Musk is one of the most hardworking and famous personalities globally. He is known to work 120 hours or more every week. To stay fresh and active, Elon relied on caffeinated products. 

But increased caffeine intake led to raised anxiety levels and stress in his body. This further resulted in fatigue and disturbed sleep cycles. Hence, it is essential to take care of your body. 

In our everyday life, we consume many products rich in salt, sugar, processed fats, etc., which can harm our body and physical abilities. Don’t be a zombie eater who eats everything and anything. Be conscious of what you eat. 

Unconscious eating is a habit that ruins your life because it can lead to many health problems. Also, take some time off your schedule to nourish your physical health by doing regular exercise, jogging, gyming, etc. 

Caring about your mental health is as important as your physical health. We can easily ignore our mental health and emotional stability in our busy lives. 

Ensure good care of your mental health by making appointments with a therapist (if needed), meditating, practicing silence, and spending time with loved ones. 

5. Being irresponsible

Choosing our parents and the environment we grew up in is not in our hands, but once we are adults, many choices are in our hands. And when these choices go wrong, we find people to blame. 

I didn’t get the job opportunity because my interviewer was partial. I am unhappy in my marriage because my partner doesn’t understand me. You get it; we always find someone to blame for our problems.   

Further on the list of irresponsible behavior is avoiding making hard decisions because you are afraid of failing. To become successful in life, we have to make many hard decisions. 

Maybe it is time for you to get out of that unhappy marriage or find a new job if you are not happy with your current one. These decisions are challenging but very important for our life. 

Avoiding decisions is enjoyable for the short term, but making hard decisions will ensure smooth developments in your future life. 

Further, making responsible decisions daily will strengthen you and enhance your control over your life. So stop being irresponsible with your life and decision-making because these habits will ruin your life. 


The first step to changing habits that ruin your life is becoming conscious of your bad habits. Once you become aware, it is easy to replace bad habits with good ones. But being unaware of your wrong actions is a disaster that can damage your life. 

Behavior and habit change are effortless to instill once you understand the science behind your habits. Getting rid of habits that ruin your life can be challenging, but you can skillfully eliminate bad habits with consistent practice, time, and effort. 

Soul potion

Over-thinking and self-doubt

Overthinking is a habit that ruins your life because it compels you to repeatedly dwell and worry about the same thing. This increases stress levels, anxiety, and other mental health problems like depression.

A man overthinking about his work


Another sister component of overthinking is self-doubt. Am I good enough? Do I have the required skill to succeed? Am I intelligent and smart? This type of negative self-questioning limits our beliefs and obstructs us from excellent opportunities. 

The best way to tackle such negative self-belief is by switching negative thought patterns with positive ones. This is the opposition thinking pattern. When a negative belief enters your mind, immediately think of empowering ideas and thoughts. 

Instead of saying: Am I good enough for the job? Tell yourself you are more than enough. Further, you can learn anything unknown to you about the job. 


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