This article busts myths about things you should never share with anyone. It further explains a list of things you shouldn’t share with others. 


We lean on our best friends and tell them everything about our life traditionally and even today. Only the medium has changed today. 

They know everything from our first crush to our latest fight. Humans being social animals, crave acceptance and connection with others. 

When you are delighted, you want to scream at the top of your lungs and share your happiness with others. When you are in pain and struggle a lot, you want to tell people about your sadness. 

But wait! sharing things with others is helpful right?

Sharing things with others makes you feel lighter, happier and relieved. It keeps you motivated and takes care of your mental health. 


What should you do in the contradiction of sharing and not sharing?

Social media has changed how we share our thoughts, feelings, happiness and struggles. Now we have an accessible mode of sharing anything you want out in the open and accessible to many people. 


As much as connection and socializing are needed, there are things which we shouldn’t tell anyone. This article will help you segregate the things you should share from those you should not share. 

Remember, not sharing things is more about protecting oneself and safeguarding your privacy and less about keeping secrets. 

Busting the myth about Things you should never share

1. Your success secret

There is a myth about not sharing your success stories with others. This is because some weak-willed people are afraid that others will become more successful than them. 

People are usually very secretive about their ingredients to achieve success, and it is on the top of their list of things you should never share. 

This myth about not sharing your secret success sauce is absolutely false. 


Strong-willed and influential personalities are not afraid of telling their success mantra to other people. They believe that sharing their secrets will increase their knowledge base. This is why successful people write books and participate in interviews or podcasts, to share their secrets. 

They have an abundance mentality which says if you know something, share it with others. Your knowledge will become more in-depth and sharper when you share it with others. 

Ditch your scarcity mentality, which articulates if you know things, you should never share them with others. Such people have a fear of being outrun by their competition. 

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was a firm believer in sharing his knowledge, innovation, and learning with others.  

Today, with the internet boom, there is immense knowledge and content on the internet for free. Nothing is a secret anymore. 

Motivational people will add value to other’s life by sharing their secrets with others, and it will, in turn, come back to them. 

In fact, it is said if you want to become a master at something, then teach it to someone.

2. Sharing your problems

The next thing on the list of things you should never share with anyone is your problems. People are not comfortable sharing their life problems with anyone. 

This is because they feel 70-80% of people don’t care about your problems while others who care are happy about your problem. This is an apparent myth because people always share their problems with others. 

But I agree you should not go on discussing your problems with everyone because most people don’t care. Have a few close groups of your most trusted people and share your concerns only with them. 

This group can include your parents, teachers, close friends and mentors. Remember to include only those who actually care about you and your life. 

When you mark problems sharing as one of the things you should never share with anyone, you will suppress your feelings, negativity, and failures within yourself. 

These suppressed feelings can harm your mental health and cause depression. Humans are social creatures which mean when we connect with people and share our problems, we become happy. 

In fact, sharing your problems with others may bring in diverse solutions you may never think of. 

Always share your problems with your close ones. You can even write about your difficulties in a diary if you are not confident sharing them with others. 

3. Ideas

The list of things you should never share would not be complete if it didn’t include your ideas, dreams, and goals. People are often very excited when they innovate new ideas. 

They don’t share it with anyone because of their scarcity mentality. An idea at an initial stage is not perfect. It needs a lot of tweaks to become near-to-perfect. Not sharing your ideas with others slows your growth and narrows your perspective. 

Remove ideas from the list of things you should never share with others. Ideas should be shared in the open. You may think your idea is very good and unique, but there is an abundance of ideas in the market. What an idea lacks is the ability to take action and dedication. 

Ideas are not going to make you money. You have to execute the idea, take action and make progress towards it every day. You have to share your ideas with your team, boss, friends, family, colleagues, or company to make your ideas work. 

Sharing ideas with supreme and talented personalities will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Make connections
  • Increase innovation
  • tweak ideas for improvement
  • Get reliable and knowledgeable feedback and advice

Play in the grey zone. Don’t go on sharing your ideas with everyone but a few close people. Sharing it with everyone can lead to demotivational feedback, which will lower your morale. 

Share it with only those you respect and can help you make your idea better. Also, sharing ideas prompts you to take action and increases accountability. 

4. Goals and dreams

Goals and dreams are very personal subjects for everyone. Though similar in nature, goals and dreams are slightly different from one another. 


What are goals and dreams?

Dreams are the future imaginations described with thought, images, visualization, and desires that form in your mind. Dreams lighten you up and motivate you for future endeavours. 

Goals are small plan-of-action which are tangible and concrete. Goals can be long-term or short-term. 

Most people have big dreams of becoming billionaires someday or running a successful business, but they forget to execute their plans. Only dreaming will take you nowhere. You have to set and accomplish goals, both long term and short term, to get closer to your dreams. 

A dream which is written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal which is broken down into steps becomes a plan, and a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. 

There is a hot debate about should you share your goals and dreams with everyone or not? But sharing your goals and dreams with everyone can positively impact you. 

First, you should write down your dreams and goals. Give a small summary of the plan of action you will take to make this happen. Now show it to everyone or post it on your social media. 

Sharing it with others makes you feel answerable to your dreams. It puts positive pressure on you and helps you get the motivation needed to kick start your work. 

The simple commitment of being true to our words keeps us moving even through the rough patch. We don’t want other people to think less of us, and hence we double our efforts to complete the tasks or goals. 

But the other side argues and says that sharing dreams and goals can lead to de-motivation. Further pre-mature praise for things you are yet to do will make you lazy to follow through. 

Getting person praise instead of process praise is bad for your motivation. Also, if you get negative feedback, you are likely to quit your dreams. 

While people all over have mixed opinions, I suggest you should share your dreams and goals at least with the close circle of your network like parents, mentors, teachers, friends, colleagues, etc. 

Things that you should not actually share in real life

Below is the list of actual things you should never share with anyone

1. Your savings and income

People quickly become jealous and envious of someone earning a high amount of money. Similarly, if you are making less amount, you might be embarrassed. So it is in the best possible interest to not share it with anyone. 

Further, if you have savings and your friend who is not very close needs money, can ask you for help. If you don’t give him the money he knows you have, it can strain your relations. 

2. Good deeds

Good deeds should be done with pureness in your heart. Don’t go on bragging about the large donation you made. Boasting about the good deeds you do changes the perspective of doing good acts. It replaces your good intentions with attention-seeking quality. 

Do Good deeds with pure intention, not for attention. 

3. Family problems

Every family has some problems. There are conflicts, fights, and disagreements of opinions in every family. Even if there may be some gruesome fights in the family, outsiders need not know the specifics. 

Sharing anything with outsiders will never solve anything, but it will give people outside something more to gossip about. And sometimes, the consequences of sharing the problems are way more than not sharing them. 

Furthermore, family conflicts and problems are not yours alone; they are your family’s. And you alone do not have the right to share such intimate information. Also, be careful of whom you think of as family. 

4. Relationship struggles

Problems in any relationship are inevitable. Issues in any relationship should be solved by the couple alone. Interference of others in your relationship may damage your equation with your partner. 


Also, complaining about your partner in front of your family or friends may lead to more insecurities and fights. While you may solve your problems, others may still view your partner negatively. 

5. Material possession 

People usually update their social media status for their achievements, new car, new house, etc. While sharing your joy with others is good, doing it every time you buy something may seem boastful and braggy. 

Modesty is the most beautiful human trait. You would never see billionaires boasting about their assets. Instead, they remain humble. And this humbleness is the most attractive. 

6. Hatefulness

You would encounter a lot of feelings, experiences and things in life. These feelings can have a negative as well as a positive impact on you. 

People can be bitter and selfish to you sometimes. Your ex-boyfriend’s negative behaviour or betrayal of your friend can lead to many hateful feelings. 

Don’t let them ruin you. Let go of the negativity because telling others would only add to these hateful and negative feelings. The world already has enough negativity. Don’t add to it. 

Leave who you were. Love what you are. Look forward to who you will become. 

7. Weaknesses and struggles

Life is full of ups and downs. You struggle a lot to achieve something great. Don’t share your struggles with others unless they are proven to be trustworthy.


Weaknesses are a part of struggles. Never share them with even your most intimate friends. Your flaws are yours. Sharing them with others will give them the power to hurt and manipulate you. 

8. Bank details

Your bank details are very sensitive information that one should never share with anyone. The bank’s name, account number, password, etc., should be kept secured. 

Your privacy is important, and you should secure yourself. Telling others about all this stuff can affect your financial and social security. 

9. Location 

GPS locations have made it easy for people to navigate where they are going. But people today are using GPS to share their location on social media.


Don’t share your location with anyone because not everyone out there is your well-wishers. Some may want to harm you and knowing your current location, they can cause harm to you. 

It’s ok if you don’t seem cool in your friend’s group for not sharing your locations or social media posts every now and then. 


Remember, time changes. People who are important in your life right now may not be after 4 or 5 years. Keep this in your mind while sharing anything with them. Be wise to know what and how much to share with whom. 

Don’t get in the trap of social media and go on sharing things about yourself on the internet. There are people who would want to hurt you. Don’t give them an open invitation by sharing your private matters. Build your boundaries and protect yourself from loss, harm and damage. 

Soul potion

Not sharing your problems with anyone can affect you from the inside. It can lead to depression and anxiety. 

The most practical way to remedy this situation is by starting to write a diary. Diaries can act as your confidential friends who would never spill the beans. Unless you put it out in the open for others to read. 

Write it in your diary whenever you have any problem or want to share your excitement. It will be your trusted accomplice who can never harm you and will be with you forever. 


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