Flourish soul is a knowledge-based self-improvement blog that strives to bring positive changes in the reader’s life. It covers subjects like self-improvement, personality development and mental health. 

About Flourish Soul

Welcome to Flourish Soul Club. It is an active community for people who believe in self-improvement and personal development to achieve their dreams and live a comfortable, happy, and satisfying life. 

Do you feel you are living a healthy, happy, and fuller life? Or is your life full of stress while you try to juggle your personal and professional life still failing at both and ultimately increasing anxiety and stress in your life.

Post covid outbreak, people worldwide face mental health problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Various reasons such as job security, money problems, spouse-related issues, children’s education, etc., have contributed to your mental health problems. Being social animal caged in the quarantine of our homes have taken a heavy toll on our life. 


In a survey conducted among 8259 adults worldwide, the following countries reported having stress, anxiety, and great sadness after the covid outbreak. 

The United States 33%

The United Kingdom 26%

Canada 26%

France 24%

Australia 23%

Other countries such as New Zealand, Sweden, Netherland, and Norway reported 23%, 18%, 14%, and 10%, respectively. 

These stats bring us to the conclusion that we are doing something wrong or living our lives dissatisfied. Our ancestors were comparatively pleased and satisfied with their lives. We realized that they were mindful, excellent time managers, knew how to balance their personal and professional lives, satisfied, and less greedy on a rough analysis. 

Why should you care about Flourish Soul?

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems have become an inseparable part of our life. These problems can cause various health and relationship hazards. 

We at Flourish Soul strive to provide quality solutions to improve people’s lives, personal and professional, through a practical knowledge base. Our sole aim is to bring about positive outcomes and changes in our readers’ lives through excellent knowledge generation. 

The easy tips, tricks, steps to follow, and solutions are easy to apply and effective if used sincerely. The basic idea and core concepts of our website come from various sources. These sources include self-help books, videos, seminars, journals, mentors, and our day-to-day life. 

Areas of consideration at Flourish Soul

  • Self-improvement

Self-improvement is simply making efforts to uplift our status, knowledge, and character through active participation in the process. Self-awareness is the starting point of any self-improvement changes. Because if you dont realize that change is needed, then you will never want to change. 

So be mindful and aware of what you do, how you do and when you do it. At FlorishSoul, we provide various methods and articles to know more about self-improvement, self-awareness, tips, and techniques to improvise your efforts for improving your life. 

  • Personality Development

The first thing we notice when we meet someone new is always their personality. Various factors such as genes, upbringing, family values, society, and environment influence our personality. When meeting someone new, you often are more inclined to like people who have strong characters. They are well-spoken, knowledgeable, and helpful. Suppose you are not one of them, dont worry. You can nurture and develop your personality. 

Personality development is organized behaviour patterns, attitude, and philosophy that makes a person unique. You often see some outgoing people, extroverts, and kind, while some are introverted, calm, and knowledgeable—all these constitute personality. 

The good thing about personality is that you can grow it over time by making healthy new habits and breaking the old ones. Though difficult, it can be made possible with sheer perseverance and patience. At Flourish Soul, we guide you to develop your personality with straightforward advice and baby steps that help you reach your destiny.  

  • Mental health

Mental health is the physical, emotional, and cognitive ability of a person to deal with stress while increasing productivity and serving the community. While WHO also stated that mental health is also about looking for the happiness and wellbeing of a person. Every one in five US citizens faces mental health problems each year, and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among the age group of 10-34 years.

Mental health problems or illness is simply a person’s inability to deal with their entire wellbeing and stress, which leads to various problems like anxiety, depression, mood disorder, and behaviour. Everyone has some dilemmas and stress in their life. Some people learn to deal with it while some dont which leads to mental illnesses and problems. 

Mental illnesses can disrupt your daily life, relations, and productivity. FLourish Soul gives you knowledge and perspective to deal with your stress, anxiety, and depression.  

  • Soul potion

A soul potion is like a magic potion that you have to drink to ensure positive changes in your life (not literally). It is a small part attached at the bottom of every post. Here you will find some small habits or changes that are easy to apply in your life with a bit of patience.

Though difficult initially, these tiny changes and habits can make a huge difference in your life. At Flourish Soul, we offer these tried and tested solutions and techniques for your reference and improvement. Ensure to follow the soul potion and share your experience and feedback with us through comments or emails.  

The ‘why’ of the Flourish Soul

As Said by Simon Sinek, People dont buy what you do, but why do you do it. So the most crucial question here is why did I create this Blog?

The answer is simple. As a corporate employee working from 9 to 5 jobs, I was very dissatisfied with my job. Though the money was good, I knew I wanted to do something more impactful in my life. 

I wanted to touch people and help them live a complete, happy, and satisfying life. Corona lockdown provided an opportunity when I had nothing to do. That’s when I got into content writing and blogging. I knew this was the golden opportunity to reach many people and help them.  

As an avid reader, I have read many self-help, fiction, and finance books. I was impressed by all the knowledge a small book can contain and wanted many people to read it. But due to lack of time, workload, dislike towards reading, or simple laziness obstructs people from acquiring such excellent knowledge. 

So at Flourish Soul, we bring the crux of various books, videos, seminars, and various other sources so that you dont miss out on such excellent content that can help improve and develop your life. 

Still here?

Then you are interested in becoming a member of our club.

A peek behind the curtain 

Some benefits you can achieve if you become a member of the blogs.  

  • Get knowledge and values from different books, videos, journals, etc., and know-how to apply them in real life.
  • The soul potion content provides a tip with every post. These tips are simple and easy to apply but can make an impactful change. 
  • Understand the core concepts, ideology, and summaries in easy-to-understand language along with examples and real-life stories. 
  • Become a member of the active community that believes in self-improvement and share your dilemmas to gain satisfactory solutions from members and me. 

Want to know more about me?

A little introverted in front of people but a lot of extroverted in my mind. With a hint of a storm and a lot of sunshine to brighten mine as well as everyone’s life around. 

Having a view to spreading optimism and being blessed with a beautiful family, I, Niyati Shah, started the flourishsoul.com blog to bring positive changes in people’s lives. 

As a degree holder of Masters in Business Administration, done various corporate jobs and helped in the family business. Drained with the corporate atmosphere, I started working at a school. 

Finally, I got into freelance content writing and wrote hundreds of articles on various subjects like health, finance, cryptocurrency, CBD, lifestyle, etc. All along the way, I had dreamed of creating a blog about self-improvement and personality development. This wish came true with the foundation of Flourish Soul. 

Thanking You!

FLourish Soul

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