This article states 7 Mind-blowing new year resolutions to keep you healthy, happy, and stable in 2022.

Almost all people make new year resolutions, but very few keep them until the end of the year. In a survey, experts found that only 46% of people maintained their new year resolutions till the end of the year. 

Another study conducted with 800 million activists concluded that until January 19, most individuals had given up on their new resolutions.

Why are new year resolutions so hard to keep?

We are super excited about the new year and make thousands of resolutions at the start of the year. As a result of making so many resolutions, you can not stay true or fulfill any resolution successfully. 

The most common reason for not following your resolution is busy schedules and lack of motivation. 

But the real enemy in the situation is either wrong or unrealistic goals. People stick to unrealistic goals such as getting slim without any proper planning. Further, people have no milestone planning and deadlines to keep them motivated till the very end of the year. 

Also, lack of commitment is the biggest reason for the failure of new year resolutions. For example, if your new year resolution is to read more, then stop spending your time on social media feeds and make time for reading. It will show your commitment to your resolution.

Here are some tips to ensure you follow through with your new year resolutions

  • Set realistic goals
  • Plan small milestones
  • Prepare for change
  • Motivate yourself from time to time
  • Specify what you exactly want from your resolution
  • Write your goals and stick them where you can see them daily
  • Share with your friends and family
  • If you get off track, quickly get back
  • Treat yourself to small achievements
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7 Mind-blowing new year resolutions to make in 2022

1. Get knowledgeable

First on the list of mind-blowing new year resolutions is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Being knowledgeable is nothing, but being aware of all the facts and information that aids in solving various problems. You can acquire knowledge from many sources such as books, magazines, youtube videos, mentors, or your parents.

Knowledge is an asset that can never diminish or go to waste. Something you learn will always be helpful in some way or other.


Reading nourishing books helps increase our knowledge base and makes us intelligent. Gaining knowledge from any source prepares us to face life challenges and conquer them. 

So, cultivate a habit of reading good and knowledgeable books or content every day. Resolve that no matter what, I will spare at least 10 minutes a day to read at least 5 pages each day. 

2. Learn something new

Your brain is a beautiful piece of art. If you don’t frequently use and engage your brain muscles, you may lose them. Hypothetically, speaking of course! But seriously, your brain muscles need frequent exercise to strengthen them. The easiest method to do so is by learning a new musical instrument or learning a new skill. 

Learning something new will energize your brain muscle, improve your memory power and make you smarter. Yes! Experts have concluded that learning a musical instrument has helped students perform well in academics. 

Learn something new, whether it is an instrument or skill. It will build your confidence, reduce your stress levels, and help to acquire a sense of achievement in life. 

So make sure this year you clean the dust on your guitar or take up the digital marketing course you wanted to for so many years. 

3. Travel more

Next on the list of mind-blowing resolutions is traveling. Man is a social animal and always carves to connect with other human beings. Traveling is the most fun way to connect with others. Countries differ in languages, weather conditions, food, culture, and many other things. 

But the essence of humanity connects people all over the globe. It is also astonishing to see how non-verbal communication plays a significant role when communication barriers stop us from speaking with different people while traveling.

Traveling to different locations gives you exposure, makes you humble and open-minded. Further, it is the best and most relaxing stress-buster idea to get out of your comfort zones and daily routine. 


Traveling is also most beneficial for your mental health and resilience. It takes you away from the hectic life schedule of work and maintaining relations while giving you the time and surrounding to reinvent yourself

Start saving for your next vacation. It doesn’t have to be international. If you are saving, or low on cash, plan something domestic. Use a website/agent that offers cheaper bookings. But make sure you get out of your comfort zone to explore new places.

4. Exercise often

The benefits of physical activities and exercise are immense. From boosting your energy levels to curing many health ailments, exercise has helped and demonstrated its miracles. 

Any moment you do that stretches your muscles, makes them work, and burns some calories in the process is called physical exercise.  

Physical exercises include running, jogging, cardio activities, swimming, playing a sport, dancing, and even walking. A study done in 2018 stated that exercise improves the quality of life and increases sustainability by reducing the chances of getting chronic diseases. 

Here are some other features of exercising regularly

  • Increased energy levels and mood enhancement
  • Endurance to chronic conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, etc.
  • Make you feel happy and strengthens your bones
  • Brain health and memory enhancement
  • Promotes relaxation and quality of sleep

The cherry on the cake is that you lose weight while doing exercise. Reap all the benefits by exercising only for 30 minutes a day. 

5. Practice meditation

The pandemic had compelled people into the confines of their homes. Locked in the house, following social distancing norms, and not meeting people outside have taken a toll on the people. 

Concern about mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse has grown in these years. 

Meditation helps combat these mental health issues. Meditation is nothing but a process of training your mind to increase focus and concentration. It helps fill your mind with positive thoughts. 

Some benefits of practicing regular meditation include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increased awareness and focus
  • May decrease insomnia and memory-related diseases
  • Helps with pain and emotion management

Further meditation brings you a fresh perspective to life. Plus, you can perform meditation anywhere you want. You do not need any extravagant accessories to meditate. 

You only need your mind and determination to do it. Even sparing 10 minutes every day for meditation will have a positive impact on your life. 

6. Invest in cultivating better relations

The next on the list of mind-blowing new year resolutions is cultivating superior relations. Relationship building is the most valuable skill to enhance your professional and personal life. Cultivating long-term and sustainable relations helps create a positive working and living atmosphere. 

Relation of any type, whether with colleagues, boss, family, partner, friends, or family, needs constant nurturing and investment. These investments are mostly non-monetary in the form of time and energy. 

As said in the book ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, you should cherish all the relations and experiences you have today. Because tomorrow you may not be here, but your memories will always be left behind. 

You may work long hours, but you have to return home to your parents, partner, friends, or children at the end of the day. So ensure you have a strong bond and connection with them.

Here are some tips to make better and sustainable relations:

  • Accept differences
  • Be an effective listener
  • Develop empathy
  • Don’t judge others
  • Trust more
  • Develop great communication skills
  • Be supportive
  • Be genuine and remember important things

7. Learn about personal finances 

Personal finance is all about money. From investing to savings to insurance, it covers everything. Learning about money and finances helps you gain financial freedom. 

With proper planning and investment, you can quickly get rid of your debts, credits, and other outstanding expenses. Financial planning ensures smooth money flow during uncertain times like health expenses, unemployment, etc. 

Other areas of personal finance include budgeting, retirement planning, banking, insurance, etc. Don’t fall prey to any get-rich-quick schemes in the market. It is all about investing money and compounding it to reap benefits in the future. 


Also, learning personal finance keeps your cash flow straight and helps increase your assets in the long run. 

Various blogs, podcasts, books, online classes, and mentors have explained personal finances and investments in great detail. 


To ensure you follow your mind-blowing new year resolutions around the year, you need a great deal of dedication, time, and energy. While following the new year resolution, you may get off track for some time. But the key is to quickly get back on track while viewing every setback as a lesson for the future.

Soul potion

You can write your new year’s resolution and stick it somewhere you can see it daily. It will help you stay motivated towards accomplishing your goals. 

You can also stick pictures related to your new year’s resolutions. For example, if your goal is to get in shape and become fit, attach a photo of someone who has reduced weight with rigorous exercises. Sticking a picture of a fat, as well as a slim version, will enhance motivation.

Further plan small milestones and after achieving them, give yourself a small reward to stay positive towards achieving your goal.


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