Focus and creativity are essential for success in any field. This article sheds light on 5 Fantastic ways to increase focus and creativity in your life.


Focus and creativity are the two most challenging tasks in today’s distracted world. Your ability to increase focus and creativity in life is meddled by the modern distraction that is just a click away. The email messages or Instagram feeds tempt you while focusing on anything, like learning new things or completing your project. 

Concentrate and focusing on the work at hand is essential for your success, achieving your goals, learning new things, and giving your excellent performance. Whether in project management, athletics, sports, or business, it is vital to increase focus and creativity in every field. 

The good thing about focus is that you can increase your focus and creativity, but it will need some real effort on your part. If improving your focus was easy, everyone would be as sharp as a razor. 

The tips and tricks mentioned in the article to increase your focus and creativity may be difficult initially. But make sure you use the magic rule of 21 and practice the habit for at least 21 days. Though it may seem challenging at first, the more you do it, the more you will find it easy to do, and you will reap benefits for the future.


5 Fantastic ways to increase focus and creativity

1. Start tracking your goals

Tracking is a powerful tool to increase focus and creativity. It is one of the crucial elements responsible for the success and fame of video games. 

Video games provide valuable data about our progress and challenges, rewards earned, comparisons with other players, and performance analysis. All this data helps individuals to get better in the game. 

Tracking is substantial to increase focus and creativity. Without tracking, and proper feedback, motivation fades, and mental focus takes a dip. A fitness freak will always measure the calories burnt and consumed to ensure continued fitness. 

When you start tracking your goals, you estimate where you are lacking and excelling. All this data in an understandable format will bring clarity to the mind and motivate you to move forward. 

Measuring your performance and getting feedback is the most dominant way to achieve more, and it will make you feel strong. Tracking goals ensures you have a purpose in life which is very important for a healthy mind

2. Make a list

The key indicator of focused work is doing the right actions and taking steps towards your goals. 

Today, technology and social media have distracted us so much that we forget to take action. Some who do take action are following unclear goals, which can ultimately be a recipe for disaster. 

Our brain is like a complex machine that needs precise and straightforward instruction about what to do next. 

If there are no clear instructions, the brain will do more activities that are easy to do. Activities such as surfing social media or sleeping are easy to do and have a high level of dopamine (the feel-good hormone).

When you get up in the morning, there are tons of tasks to accomplish. But at the end of the day, you get nothing done because you are so busy and confused about choosing which work to do first. If this has often happened to you, don’t worry! We have the perfect remedy for you.

To overcome such a situation, you have to follow the 5-minute rule that will help you to increase your focus and creativity. 

Step1: Before starting your work in the morning, set a 5-minute timer. Now jot down all the fundamental tasks and activities you need to do today. 

Step2: Now segregate the activities into tasks and mini-tasks. Also, mention the strategies you will undertake to ensure the completion of these tasks in short. 

Step3: Focus only on one thing at a time because multitasking decreases your productivity and focus. Doing one thing at a time will increase your focus and creativity while reducing stress.


3. Prioritize

It is vital to prioritize your work and do all the necessary activities to increase focus and creativity. At times you may have piles of work to do. And after doing most of the tasks and investing all your day, you realize that the activities you had undertaken did not align with your end goal. 

Hence prioritizing your work becomes essential to increase focus and creativity and achieve your goals. The easiest way to prioritize your work is by using the 2 List strategy by Warren Buffet. This 2 List strategy is a 3 step formula that Warren Buffet shared with his pilot. 

1st step: Jot down and make a list of the top 25 goals you want to achieve in life.

2nd step: Now review the goals and circle the 5 Most important goals from the list.

3rd step: Make 2 Separate lists. One list will contain the 5 most important goals, and the 2nd list will include the remaining 20 goals. 

Now Warren Buffet suggests only working on the 1st list that contains your 5 most important goals. The other list, which includes 20 remaining goals, is your avoid at all cost list. You are not to work on them until you complete your 1st list. 


This will help you highlight things that are important for you. It will guide you to focus on achieving them while avoiding all other nuisance activities. 

4. Commit to the process

People always worry about their past or future. Past is something we can never change. And the future is way out of our reach. In this constant anxiety about the past and future, we forget our present, which is in our hands. 

The notion of success becomes so overbearing that people forget to enjoy the process leading to success. Always remember that success is a process, not an event or destination. It is something that requires continuous work and commitment. 

Does this mean you should forget about success? No. It simply means committing yourself to the present and enjoying the work today. Every successful personality completely immerses themself in their work when they perform. They don’t think about the results and outcomes. They give their best in the work they do today. 

Results are the future of any activity done today. And the future is unpredictable. But the process is your present so enjoy and give your best in doing it. Doing the task in hand with dedication will automatically lead to excellent and desired results in the future. 

For example, if you are a businessman, then love the process of selling, not becoming a no. 1 company. When you sell your product and maintain a good rep with customers, you will automatically make your business a success. 

Similarly, if you are a writer, then love writing and don’t think about being the best seller. If your work is good, you will become the best-selling author in no time.

5. Exercise

Exercise and physical activities are not only essential for your body but are of vital importance for your brain too. Research conducted in 2018 with 116 school-aged children concluded that physical exercise helps increase focus and concentration in just four weeks. 

Another study suggested that only a few minutes of brisk walking can help expand the hippocampus area, prevent memory loss, and decrease the risk of dementia in older adults. 

Something miraculous happens when you exercise. Exercise helps your brain release more of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). This BDNF has many benefits, including reduced brain diseases, increased focus and creativity, improved mood, and boosted memory.

The tale of BDNF aiding to increase focus and creative thinking ability links back to ancient times, when humans had to hunt for survival. Persistent hunting needed a great deal of endurance and speed. 

The brain had to be alert and active about hundreds of changing roots while going after the animal. While running, the brain developed a high amount of BDNF that helped draw winning strategies to catch the animal. Hence, BDNF is valuable for problem-solving activities such as exams, etc. 

If you are super busy, you can accommodate physical activity during your work hours. Many influential personalities like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg often conducted meetings on foot. Studies have found that walking outdoors or indoors can improve creative thinking and bring a fresh perspective to work. 


Sometimes to solve a problem, you have to step aside. Concentrating on other activities will help clear your brain fog. 

Any movement that breaks you in sweat can be counted as physical activity and can help to increase focus and creativity. Physical activity or exercise pumps your blood and increases your heartbeat. It can be as simple as walking or as intense as swimming. 


Increasing focus and creativity is not an overnight task. It requires continuous dedication and practice. Make sure you are focused and committed to clearing your mental fog and stimulating your brain cells to concentrate better. Having a better mental focus will ensure goals accomplishment, personal satisfaction, and high-value work in less time.

Soul potion 

There are 2 additional simple tips to increase your focus and creativity while working on anything. The first is cutting off distractions. Mobile notifications, Instagram reels, continuous sounds can easily distract you and lower your focus. So while working, make sure to mute your notifications or click the airplane mode to ensure focused attention on your work. 

The 2nd tip is easy and fun to apply. Take small breaks. Creativity and focus are dependent on balancing the work-rest cycle. Follow the 60-10 work method as suggested by Robin Sharma in his book ‘The 5 am club’. 

First, set a timer of 60 minutes and work in the tight form of a focus bubble without any distraction. After 60 minutes are up, take a short 10-minute break to refuel and re-energize. 

Continue this segmentation throughout your work hour, and you will feel increased creativity flow and mental focus. 


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