The 20s are an uncertain time for many. This article states life-changing lessons for people to learn in their 20s.


The period of the 20s is an extraordinary juncture. With tons of unique experiences and ideas, you are energized and excited for the next phase of life. When you enter the 20s, you are somewhat stepping up in the adult world and leaving behind your teenage tendencies.

This uncertain period is a mixture of excitement, friendship, work, fun, and cringe. This strange transformation into the 20s is a period of profound truth where you learn various life-changing lessons for the 20s. 

In the rollercoaster of this phase, you come across lessons that will change your perspective and thinking. This list of life-changing lessons for the 20s combines my experience, bookish knowledge, legendary videos, and mentors’ experience.

20 life-changing lessons for the 20s

1. Invest in relations

This life-changing lesson for the 20s suggests you invest in relations. It means don’t rush and make hasty decisions but intelligently invest yourself in relations to reap benefits in the future. 

Don’t be desperate in relation because desperation does not attract anyone. Rather be desperate to achieve your goals and dreams. People with clear aims and objectives are seen as attractive and worth the time. 

Use your energy to achieve success, and the right people will follow their place in your life. The relation here refers to those between friends, partners, spouses, etc. 

2. Select a mentor

A mentor, in simple terms, refers to a person who has a lot of experience. You can trust them to give reliable advice. You have taken advice from various mentors such as professors, parents, family, counselors, or coaches at every significant point in life. 



Mentors can teach us all the life-changing lessons for the 20s. Some outlined benefits of having a mentor are knowledge improvement, self-improvement, learning from their experience, and acquiring valuable life insights.

So choose a wise influential personality as your mentor. Discuss your life problems, dilemmas, dreams, and achievements with your mentors to grow more. 

3. Have a goal

Life goals are a vital aspect of the advancement in the 20s. A life without a goal or purpose is an empty life. Goals and ambition are something that keeps your mind healthy and continuously working. 

Without a goal, you will become lazy and incompetent. Having a purpose in life triggers new habits, new behaviors, increases focus and creativity. It motivates you in overall improvement of yourself. 

Setting goals can help you improve your mental health, professional and personal life. This life-changing lesson for the 20s is crucial to stay on track with what you want. 

Set SMART goals for yourself. And remember to set achievable goals and timelines; otherwise, you will be stuck feeling incapable with a lot of stress.

4. Accept change

Humans always feel a need for certainty and security in life. They want everything to be the way it is. This points to having a fear of changes. But life is not a straight line; it has many ups and downs. 

Life, especially during the 20s, is full of changes as you step out into the world to secure your future. Along the way, you may lose some old friends who choose a different field. Similarly, you may also make new friends in your field of work. 

Prepare your brain to accept the changes occurring in our life with zest and energy. 

5. Dream big

The next life-changing lesson for the 20s is to dream big in life. Because bigger dreams will instigate more significant actions and motivations. 

Dream Big


Just dreaming big will not benefit you. You also should be willing to take the time, energy, sacrifices, and actions necessary to achieve something big. 

As the 5 am club book states, you should be willing to invest in activities that other people are too lazy to do to achieve something big.  

6. Be confident

Confidence is a robust quality in any personality that makes the person more attractive. All successful people are confident about themselves and their work. And only confidence can inspire you to take bigger actions for your career and life.

The remarkable thing about confidence is that it can be learned and inculcated with constant actions. 

When you first learned cycling, you were not confident and used supportive wheels. But with practice, you become confident enough to ride a bike without any supporting wheels. 

Even if you fail, continuous and regular actions will instill confidence about your work, the person you are and want to become in the future. 

7. Try different things 

When in their 20s, people are often confused about what to do in life. They don’t have the needed exposure to make this decision. So take the opportunities to learn different things. It will give you direction, make you wise, and increase your knowledge base. 

Change things if you don’t like what you are doing. Switch aspects that are not working for you. There may be a reason when things don’t work out. 

While exploring different things, try to find your passion, something you absolutely love to do.

It can be writing, accounts, teaching, or business. Work in the field you are passionate about, and you will never feel the stress. 

8. Don’t be afraid of failure

Many individuals are not successful because they continuously hold on to their fear of failure. Even those who have the caliber and experience are afraid to try new things because of this fear. 

Don’t be scared of failure; instead, embrace it with open hands. 

Failure teaches you more lessons than success can ever can. When you get out of your comfort zone, try different things, and fail, you learn more, increasing the chances of success. 

Learn From Failure


Someone who has never failed in life has never tried something new. Success or failure in any task is inevitable. It is the courage to do something that counts. So be courageous to try new things and accept failure as a lesson.

9. Be understanding and trustworthy

Being understanding and trustworthy are the two most important qualities lacking in today’s youth. Though lacking, these characteristics are highly in demand. 

Because of their low supply, they possess high demand in the market. The market is filled with skilled people, but industries always look for trustworthy people to run their operations. 

Being understanding towards others will automatically lead them to be considerate of you. This is especially true for our parents. 

While we may seem bothered by their constant interference and suggestions, we must understand that they have our best interests in their minds. Similarly, we should also try to be more understanding towards our friends, partners, colleagues, and other acquaintances. 

10. Start earning

The next on the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s is to start earning. In your 20s, you enter the real world and leave college life behind. 

Real-world works very differently from school or college life. So start earning by taking part-time jobs, internships, or shifts. This will enhance your knowledge about working in the real world. 

Making money is a long and challenging process. At first, you will make a minimal amount, but you will start earning more with experience, skills, and consistency. 

11. Saving and investments

Just earning is not enough; managing your money is also essential. It will be useless if you spend all the money earned on parties and shopping. 

So the next on the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s is saving and investment. Though in the 20s you may not understand the importance of saving and investment, you will definitely see the benefits in the long term. 

If you make it a point every month to save only 5 dollars, then in 1 year, you will be saving 60 dollars. Similarly, after 10 years, you will be 600 dollars richer without doing anything. 

This small amount of 5 dollars is not much, but it can make you wealthy in the long term. This is the power of compounding. 


12. Time as a precious resource

The next lesson from the life-changing lessons for the 20s is making the correct use of time. As put forth in the book by the monk who sold his Ferrari, everyone in the world, whether influential or not, gets the same amount of time every day. 

Wise people invest in time while others just kill their time.

In your 20s, your energy levels are high, and you can work long hours without being tired. So stop killing your time or wasting it on people that don’t matter and social media posts that add a little to your productivity. 

One day, you will realize you have wasted so much time on things that matter little and now have very limited time to do something you actually want to do. 

13. Friends will come and go

Friends make quite an essential part of our life in our school and college days. But as we step into the real world and cross the threshold of 20, we have to decide what to do in the future. 

Our friends may or may not be in the same field. We will soon be left with a handful of friends. Make the most out of it because true and honest friends that stick with us are hard to find.

Even having 3 real friends will make you wealthy in terms of friendship.

Losing friends during college can be world-shaking, but be patient, and time will heal everything.

14. Be self-aware

Self-awareness is the essence of being a better version of yourself. As a significant point in the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s, self-awareness relates to knowing your strong and weak sides. 

Wise and successful people know what they are, what they want, what qualities or skills they excel in, etc. Such inspection and in-depth knowledge about oneself leads them to achieve great things. 

The best way to connect with yourself and know more about yourself is to practice solitude or silence. Meditation is the perfect solution to keep your mind healthy, aware, and alert.  

15. Be patient

All the good things that happen in your life need patience and time. Career, relationship, or success can’t be achieved in one day. 

If things don’t work out your way, which will most of the time, don’t sweat or lose heart. Keep working towards your dream, getting 1% better every day, and you will see positive outcomes over time. 

If your career has not taken a drift, double your efforts, triple your patience level, and believe that something great is around the horizon.

Don’t fret about what people will say. Do a favor to yourself and eliminate all the negative people who do nothing but cause stress and negativity in your life. 

16. Be more active

Today, because of technology, our lives have become lethargic. From groceries to clothes to medicine to food, you can order anything online.

Further, the work from the home facility has rendered us to work within the boundaries of our homes. 

Though beneficial, it comes with the flip effect of making people lazy and inactive. This inactivity can cause various health problems such as cholesterol, heart stroke, spondylosis, etc. 

Get out of your comfort zone and practice any physical exercise such as cycling, yoga, running, swimming, sports, etc., for at least an hour every day. Even a simple walk in the evening can benefit your body and your brain



17. Invest in good habits

The next on the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s is to invest in cultivating good habits. 

According to the Atomic Habits book, scientists believe that 40-50% of our daily actions are credited to our habits. That means half of our life is dictated by the habits we make. 

Bad habits are easy to make, but they ruin your life. Good habits are difficult to make, but they make our life simple and productive. So cultivate good and productive habits that will ensure positive outcomes in the long run. 

The 5 am club book states the entire habit installation process, which declares that any action done continuously for 66 days becomes a habit. 

18. Learn new skills

In their 20s, people are rarely tied to any obligations such as children, buying a house, settling down, etc. You can use this time to invest yourself in experiencing new things, cultivating new hobbies or skill sets, and traveling to different places.

This life-changing lesson for the 20s suggests you continuously evolve your skill set in order to acquire a competitive edge in the market as well as in your personal life. A person can never grow in stagnation. So learn different skill sets

For example, learning about human psychology will help you know how the market runs. You can also learn how to use and benefit from social media; instead of just consuming it. 

19. Be knowledgeable

One of my favorite books called Storm and Silence, quotes, ‘knowledge is power is time is money.’ This quote comes from combining the 2 most common sayings: knowledge is power, and time is money. 

So being knowledgeable will give you more power, money, and time. For example, you are a salesman. But you also have knowledge about digital marketing, credit to the course you did online in your free time. 

Now, because you know more than your average employees, you will hold more power, and you can earn more that too in less time than the average salesmen can. 

The easiest way to increase your knowledge base is by taking online courses, reading self-improvement books, seeing constructive videos on youtube, and reading newspapers, journals, or business magazines. 


20. Focus and consistency

The last but the chief element of the life-changing lessons for the 20s is increasing focus and creativity. The lessons included in the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s can never work if you are not consistent and congruous to their outcomes. 

Any actions or lessons applied once are not enough. You have to rigorously practice and make efforts to actually change your life. 

Similarly, if you could not focus on the work at hand, you could never achieve life-changing transformations. Use techniques like the 60/10 method or 90/90/1 method to amplify your focus on work.


These were the list of life-changing lessons for the 20s. Some people in their 20s often feel lonely and depressed. They don’t know what they’re doing.

A feeling of being unworthy of their partners, friends, or parent often accompany them. Don’t give up on yourself. 

No one can ever love you the way you do yourself, and if you don’t love yourself, no one will. Believe in yourself, and things will turn the way you want them to. The path may sometimes seem complicated, but it will lead to a beautiful destination. 

Soul potion 

Another tip that I want to share, which is especially essential for the 20s, is staying humble. 

People during this age are full of youth and are often arrogant about things they have achieved, however significant or insignificant they may be. They start taking their friends, parents, and partners for granted. Doing this can be catastrophic. 

Because you may be left alone with no one to share your happiness or sorrows with once your youth fades away.


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