This article states healthy morning habits that one should cultivate along with a 2-minute morning exercise that will change your life. 

Do you think the morning routine has any impact on your entire day?

If your answer is no and you wake up in the morning snoozing the alarm button, hurriedly getting ready for your work, you are starting your day the wrong way. Your mind is not peaceful, and every small thing that goes wrong will lead to anger and frustration. 


Now imagine you woke before your alarm. Did some exercise, meditated for some time, and had a scrumptious and healthy breakfast. You have set a positive tone for your day. Your mind will be healthy. You will be stress-free and active to face any challenge the day brings. 

A healthy, low-stress, [and] focused morning routine sets the tone for the whole day.

Ryan Howes

What are some benefits of having healthy morning habits? 

  • Set a positive tone for the start of your day.
  • Ensures you’re never late for your work.
  • No haste breakfasts will provide a healthy body.
  • Early morning exercise pumps your body and keeps you healthy.
  • Meditation keeps your mind, body, and soul in peace.
  • Get more time for personal work.

So what should you do exactly in the morning hours? 

Here are some healthy morning habits that you should inculcate in your everyday life. 

1. Wake up before the sun

The core of a healthy morning habit is to wake up early. This refers to waking up before the sun rises in the sky. Ancient Ayurveda suggests that the best time to wake up is in the Bramha muhurta period. 


This Bramha Muhurta period starts 90 minutes before the sunrises. As the time of sunrise differs with changing seasons, the Bramha Muhurta period also varies accordingly. 

Brahma Murtha directly translates to the creator’s time. This time is perfect for learning and understanding the ultimate knowledge and peace. 

When you wake up well before the sunrise, you are well customized to the rhythm of the sun. The sky breaks into a beautiful color and energy just half an hour before the sun peeks its arrival. 

The atmosphere is filled with inspiration, hope, and peace. This is the time for pure consciousness. 

2. Go for a walk

As soon as you wake up before the sun, you should first go out in nature for a walk. A walk is very valuable not only for your body but also for your mind and soul. The morning air is very clean and devoid of any pollutants. 

A brisk morning walk is a healthy morning habit that pumps blood pressure and warms up all your body functions. The clean and pure air of the morning is also good for your lungs and mind. 

Scientists also have concluded that the best time to walk or do any exercise is between 5-7 am in the early morning. 

3. Meditate

When you wake 1 and a half hours before the sun and take an hour’s walk, you will automatically have the time just half an hour before the sunrises for meditation. The period just before daylight has a boom of energy and peace. 

This time is the best to cultivate the healthy morning habit of meditation. Choose a quiet place, preferably in the open, where you can feel the sun and meditate for some time. Meditation is soothing to your mind and body after your rigorous morning exercise. 

Meditation has many benefits, from mental peace, increased focus, and creativity to increased self-awareness. 

But the most crucial advantage of this healthy morning meditation habit is mental stability and reduced negativity. It helps boost your cognitive performance, changes your perspective, and reduces irritation and laziness. 

Being silent in the peak hours of the morning helps you get ready to face the noisy and chaotic world for the day. 


4. Eat healthy breakfast

After the rigorous exercises and meditation, you will be famished. One of the most essential healthy morning habits includes eating a healthy and nourishing breakfast. There is a massive gap between the time you last eat the dinner and have the breakfast.

If you skip breakfast and directly eat your lunch, the gap increases. This can cause acidity, high blood pressure, migraine, weight gain, slow metabolism, and increased risk of harmful diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 

Further, if you skip your breakfast, you are at risk of eating more along with unhealthy cravings. 

Your empty stomach may also negatively impact your mood, leaving you cranky and frustrated. In such a mood, no productive work is done as you are not focused on your work. 

Now the question arises about what to eat for your breakfast?

Your ideal healthy breakfast should contain whole grains, fiber, low-fat, lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A nutritious breakfast includes fruits, vegetables, milk, nuts, cottage cheese, oatmeal, cereals, protein shakes, etc. 

It is best to avoid all packaged food, unhealthy carbs, processed meat, fast food, and extra high-sweetened food. 

The debate about having or not having breakfast is ongoing. People have different results for different body types. Hence, it is best to try and find out which works best for you.

5. Work

Waking before the sun gives you a lot of time to do things you want to do. Setting healthy morning habits and routines will ensure having a spare hour or two before going to your work. 

You can quickly put this additional hour to use by doing things you always wanted to but had little time to invest in them. It can be starting your blog or side business, writing a book, or sharpening your skills by taking an online course. 

This will also help you gain a competitive edge in the market. 


Turn off your phone and work in the bubble of ultra focus for just 1 hour. Don’t let the clutter of social media, news, or other distraction enter your bubble. 

Just concentrate on being 1% better each day, and within a few months, you will be a master in your field. In the productive and peaceful morning environment, you will get more things done in just an hour.

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2 Minute morning habit

This 2-minute healthy morning habit, which I am going to share with you, has the ability to transform your life by increasing productivity and focus. 

Inculcating this 2-minute healthy morning habit changed the life of Neil Pasricha. 

Neil Pasricha, a Canadian author, was going through a rough patch in his life. With his divorce and losing his close friend to suicide, he suffered from mental illness. He became like a zombie who would seldom eat or sleep. 

Because of his parent’s suggestion, he went to a therapist. The therapy changed his life for good. With each session, he started opening up about his negative thoughts. These meetings lead to relaxation and peace of his mind.

When evil thoughts are stuck in our minds, it creates confusion, lack of clarity, anxiety, and depression. But once you speak about them in the open, you can challenge them. 

Evil thoughts are like an embryo; they grow more prominent with time. Hence, it is necessary to get rid of all these negative thoughts. 

In today’s world, therapy has become expensive and time-consuming. This 2-minute healthy morning habit is a scientific tool that can help you let go of negative thoughts. 

Everyday spare 2 minutes of your valuable time to write 3 following things:

1. I will focus on

List the 5 most important things you will focus on that day. It can be your work, skills you have to focus on, or errands you have to run. 

Your day is filled with chaotic and unproductive activity. When you cultivate a healthy morning habit of writing your to-do list for the day, you are more likely to complete the tasks. 

Don’t make a list too long. Keep it short and include practical activities that can be completed within a day. 

Writing your tasks brings clarity about the most important things to do. It also decreases the anxiety caused by having too many thoughts running in your mind simultaneously. It further enhances your ability to focus. 


I will focus on my studies for 1 hour.

I will focus on my most important project for 2 hours.

I am grateful for 

Another important 2-minute healthy morning habit is being grateful for all you have today. In psychology, being thankful is linked to increased happy feelings, lowered stress levels, and reduced depression. 

Further research has also proved that being thankful regularly can boost your immune system. It further nurtures your mental health, improves your sleep cycle, and maintains physical health. 

Gratitude has its roots dug deep into optimism, and hence when you are grateful, you promote positivity all around you. 

Gratitude is just about being genuinely happy and thankful for things you have. In life, you are always on the lookout for the next thing to achieve, which can cause pressure. 

While some pressure is essential for success, a lot of it can create anxiety and stress. 


Don’t mention vague things like family or friends in your gratitude list. Be specific about the person or the event. It doesn’t need to be huge; it can be small things. Being thankful for even tiny little things will inculcate positivity in and around you. 

Another benefit of being grateful is that your brain is trained to find positives in each and every situation. 

Every event can not be positive in life, but there is positivity in every situation


I am grateful for the Desktop I am writing this article on. 

I am grateful for the comfy chair I am sitting in for writing this article. 

2. I will let go off

Writing negative things and thoughts can clear your mind of negativity. A neuroscientist published a research article in the psychological science journal about negative emotions. 

The report says that negative thoughts and feelings are ejected from your brain when you write them down. 


Make it your 2-minute healthy morning habit to write down all your anxieties and worries on a piece of paper. It will crystallize all your negative thoughts and remove them from your mind. 

Even in various religions, there are rituals to confess your sins and problems like catholic confessions. Accepting a sin or problem acts as an exorcism. 

Everyone has regrets in their life. Those who hold on to them will take aggressive actions, while those who let go of their regrets will lead a fulfilled life. 


I will let go of my envy towards my colleague who is doing better than me. 

I will let go of my anger toward my parents for not supporting me. 


Having a healthy morning habit and routine can help you lead a healthy and prosperous life. Every influential personality, from Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates, has a habit of waking up early. Comment down below if you feel I have missed some vital morning habits that you should have. 

Soul Potion

Just waking early and wasting your peak victory hours on social media and feeds is not beneficial. Instead, set a routine and customize it by using and adding things to the above-given points to improve your life and solve all your life problems. 


Make a 2-minute journal where you write all your 2-minute morning habits every day.

At the end of the month, you will have a compiled list of things you focused on, are grateful for, and have let go of in a month. This will enhance clarity and give you the right direction in your life to achieve your life goals.


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