Respect is something that is deserved, not demanded. This article communicates ways to gain respect from others.

I talk to everyone in the same way. Whether it is my maid or my boss. Everyone needs to be treated right, and everyone deserves respect.

When I was young, my parents taught me to respect my elders. In school, I was trained to respect my professors. College taught me to respect friendships and relations. Corporate taught me to respect my seniors and time. 

Hence, all phases of life teach you to respect others. You start to learn about the importance of gaining respect at a very young age. Respect is essential for everyone. Without respect, you can’t survive in corporate or personal life.

But different people interpret respect differently. Some cultures show respect by bowing down, some by joining hands, and some by shaking hands. Though different in actions, 4 things: character, personality, ethics, and values are the main aspects that build respect. 

12 ways to gain respect from people

  • Build confidence

People who have no confidence are always made a fool of or disrespected in a group. Being confident is nothing but believing in yourself, your dreams, and your goals. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Respect yourself, and others will follow the same.

A person who is full of confidence, open, knows their place, and states their opinions firmly are respected by society. If you believe in something, say so, and if you don’t, still say it. 

Don’t hide and fear the worst. Courage and confidence are two rare skills that attract people and gain respect. When you state your opinions, people will understand you are somebody of character and start respecting you. 

  • Gain knowledge and read more

In ancient times power and strength were everything. It determined the survival of humans. But today, man has progressed. Today, knowledge has beat power and strength.

 In this knowledge-based economy, knowledgeable people and people reading nourishing books are significantly respected. 

All the most influential personalities are solidly knowledgeable and read many books every day. Gaining knowledge has become very easy and cheap today because of the internet. 

A variety of courses, e-books, videos, and content have simplified the process of acquiring knowledge at your pace and comfort. 

Today, the most powerful commodity you can possess is not money but knowledge. If you have the knowledge, you can easily make money. People respect a knowledgeable person and a problem solver. 

You will be disrespected in society if you don’t value or respect knowledge or knowledgeable people.

  • Develop communication skills

Communication is everything, and it is present everywhere in the corporate, family, and even within your friends. 

A person in charge of his language quickly gains respect from others. While people who have poor communication skills are ignored in society.

Communication is more than just words and perfect grammar. It is more about connecting with the people. While communicating, keep it precise, to the point, clear, and transparent. 

The most potent form of communication is silence. Know when to speak and keep your mouth shut to give people a chance to put their opinion. 

Also, keep positive and open body language and ensure eye contact while speaking to someone. To be a good communicator, you should be a great listener. This is the easiest part of communication, and doing this will cover a large amount of being a good communicator. 

  • Be proactive and work constantly

Work is essential in life. It brings a sense of pride, achievement, and usefulness along with financial benefits. Working every day keeps your mind, body, and thoughts occupied with valuable activities. 

Also, proactively work towards your future, dreams and prepare yourself by constantly planning ahead of time. Make sure you work hard today to gain its fruit in the near future. 

Have a problem-solving and positive attitude towards whatever life throws at you and promptly take action without procrastinating.  

  • Money and status

Someone who lacks power and status is often looked down on in society. Though not entirely moral, it is the way it is. People who are low on money or status feel left out and helpless, while some face self-esteem issues. 

Though there are studies that prove that having more money declines the rate of generosity and kindness in humans. Having a lot of money can sometimes also make people egoistic. 

But the hard truth is that money is vital to buy essentials and needful things. Thinking about earning money is not bad but attaching money with your self-esteem and happiness is not good. 


As the quote states, it is not your mistake if you are born poor, but it is your mistake if you die poor. 

So get out there, break your comfort zone, work hard, and you will surely earn more money as well as status.

Internet today has opened many doors for you to earn money. Various skills, techniques, and tips can quickly help you earn more money and make you rich

  • Quit lying 

No one likes people who are frequently lying about one thing or another. The reasons for lying can be many, like hiding inferiority, showing superiority, or simply humiliating somebody. 

Some people get into the lying habit so much that they lie even for very minor things. It becomes their defense mechanism to hide their fears and insecurities. 


People usually don’t like lying people because they can never trust them. Trust and respect are 2 sides of the same coin. They go hand in hand. 

And to be frank, people hate individuals who can’t tell the truth. The truth may hurt a bit, but a lie will haunt us forever. 

  • Don’t always be available

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, we are available and open to all suggestions. This may lead to a decrease in respect for you. 

Take the example of your family. Your family is always available to you, and slowly you start taking them for granted. You may love your family a lot, but consciously or unconsciously, you start to respect them less. 

Similarly, when you are always available, your value will decrease, and so will your respect. 

Scarce and limited editions attract humans. While we tend to ignore bulk quantities.

So know your worth and don’t be available to all but very few counted people. This, in turn, will help you gain respect in other people’s minds. 

  • Set boundaries

Know your boundaries and structure what you can or should do and what you shouldn’t. People who usually don’t set boundaries and rules are often taken for granted. 

Further, no boundaries lead to similar and monotonous behavior with everyone. The other person may not feel that you are not reliable and untrustworthy. Sometimes this behavior may also feel deceitful. 

All this will lead to disrespect for you in others’ eyes. So saying no is essential. Know when, how and for whom you should work or help. This will show your loyalty and faithfulness to others. And people gain respect for those qualities.  

  • Stop being a blabbering mess

You would have noticed that when a person who talks a lot comes into a group of friends, people tend to ignore him. The unnecessary talks bore people. Hence, they take you for granted while also disregarding what you say.

In contrast, when a person who rarely talks says something, people will pay utmost attention and listen to that person carefully. This is similar to the scarcity principle. Here people are attracted to scarce items while they repel abundance. 

Further, a person who talks more can make more mistakes and easily make fun of. While silent person thinks a lot before saying anything or giving his opinion. This leads to an increase in respect for them. 

Most influential people are silent individuals who think before speaking. While fools always talk first and then think of its significance. 

  • Principle of reciprocity

Tit for tat has solidly placed its importance in our society and brains. So if you want to gain respect, you also have to give respect in return.

The principle of reciprocity is simple when you give something to someone, it is reciprocated in return. The most common example of this is birthday gifts. Similarly, feelings are also reciprocated. 

If you want to gain someone’s respect you have to first show respect to others. This is human psychology. 


But make sure you respect and expect to be respected by the right person. Because otherwise, you will keep respecting someone, and some selfish people will keep disrespecting you, which is wrong.

  • Discard your self-centeredness

Now imagine you met a friend, and he is continuously going on and on about his life and achievements without letting you talk. 

You will get fed up with this friend and disregard any future gathering with him.

People who always are full of themselves and always want to talk about their achievements, talents, expertise lose respect. 

When such people enter, people start to make faces while making themself scarce. This is because they are fed up listening to such self-centered talks. 

They may not tell you on the face, but they always bitch behind your backs. 

Contrary, if you always talk about other people, discuss their problems, and think for their betterment, you will automatically gain respect. 

  • Cultivate a talent or skill

A skillful and talented person easily gains respect without doing much. For example, when a person knows how to play a musical instrument or has some incredible coding skills, people admire and respect him. 


People will disrespect and despise you if you have no talent or skills. 

The valuable thing about skills is that they could be developed with hard work and dedication. So make a resolution of cultivating a skill starting today in this new year. 


An individual thrives on gaining respect. It motivates, energizes, and increases his self-esteem. When you give respect, only then you will receive it. So think about someone whom you respect deeply. Now reflect upon things that make you respect them and let me know them in the comments. 

Soul potion

No one likes or respects freeloaders. Always keep working on something. Never sit ideal in your life. You will go mad, plus you will lose your respect at home, with friends, and even in society. 

Even if you are still studying, make sure to work on something. It can be helping your father with business or teaching small kids something. But working on something will get you extra pocket money along with respect from everyone. 


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