This article educates us about the 10 Tactics of lifelong happiness. These tactics will guide us in the professional, personal and spiritual sectors of our life. 


The concept of 10 tactics of lifelong genius comes from the famous book,’ The 5 am club’. The author Robin Sharma has put forward the idea of including substantial commitments, freedom from distractions, and overall mastery of self in the book. 

The 5 Rules to ensure your get results are:

  • Excuses do not breed any genius, so stop making excuses and get to work.
  • Any addiction to distraction is the death of your focus and creativity. 
  • Any change would be difficult at first, messy in the middle, but gorgeous at the end when you see the results. 
  • To become among the top 5% elite performers, you have to do things that the rest 95% don’t do. 
  • Triumph comes to those who relentlessly keep going no matter the obstacles. 

The book also covers various other concepts along with the 10 tactics of lifelong genius like 4 focuses of history makers, habit installation protocol, and the 20/20/20 formula. 

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The core aim of the book is to continuously get out of your comfort zone to build your willpower muscle and cultivate the habit of waking at 5 am. Though difficult, with consistency and persistence, you can strengthen your mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. 

The 10 Tactics of lifelong genius will amplify the health of your brain, provide exponential growth, increase connectivity with yourself and others, and boost your productivity. 

10 Tactics of lifelong genius 

The tight bubble of total focus

Your attraction to cyber distraction is costing you a fortune. It is also keeping you from achieving creativity and productivity. 


The tight bubble of total focus is a metamorphic representation used to increase your mental focus, willpower, natural talent, physical energy, and daily time. This bubble acts like a bulletproof vest that rejects any negativity coming into orbit. 


When you wake in the morning, enter this invisible bubble of focus of your own which is free of troubling messages, advertisements, and fake news.

While you work, use this virtual bubble after turning off your mobile notification, noisy environment, and energy-draining conversations. 

Secluded in the solitude of the bubble, you will increase your creativity, focus, and energy.

90/90/1 rule

The second in the list of 10 tactics of lifelong genius is the 90/90/1 rule. Doing real work with utmost consistency requires mastery and willpower. 

Productivity and focused work will give you Gargantuan Competitive Advantage (GCA), which is rare in the marketplace and will get you paid heftily. 

Legendary performers always work on one project and give their best to gain the GCA by exploiting the best of their professional hours to secure the most satisfactory productivity.  


Ensure for the next 90-days you will invest your first 90 minutes of working hour to one activity or one core project. 

This project should be such that, on its completion, it will make you world-class and legendary in your field. Remember to free these 90 minutes of any distractions or interruptions.

60/10 method 

The 60/10 method is one of the most practical in 10 Tactics of lifelong genius. Elite performers know that working longer and harder with the hope of arriving at better results is a myth. It will only lead to burnout. 

Instead, they know how to balance and alternate the ferocious work performance and rest periods. In other words, to generate world-class output, you have to refuel your assets of genius by balancing your work-rest cycle. 


During your working period, set a timer of 60 minutes. Now work in the tight bubble of focus without making any movements and concentrating on the work at hand. After 60 minutes of focused work, take a 10 minutes recreational break. 

You can go for a walk, eat, read a book, or do anything you like. This 10 minutes break will reduce your stress and increase your creativity flow. After 10 minutes is up, again follow the same 60/10 cycle. 

Daily 5 Concepts

Every elite performer always at the peak of performers may face setbacks. But they strive to engage themselves actively with a progressive mindset. 

It allows them to clear their brains of negative biases and concentrate their attention on the micro-achievements in their day. Daily 5 Concepts are the easiest to apply in the list of 10 tactics of lifelong genius. 


Make a list of 5 tiny targets you want to achieve over the day during your 2nd pocket (reflect) of the victory hour. Small achievements consistently done over time will lead to stunning results. 


This simple task will be responsible for 150 small victories within a month and 1,825 high-value targets within a single year. But you have to commit to the process; the more you do it, the easier the habit gets.

The 2nd Wind Workout (2WW)

Neuroscience has proved that exercising daily lifts your concentration, accelerates brain processing, and improves your sleep cycle. Further, exercise also helps to increase melatonin production, which promotes longevity through releasing human growth hormone (HGH).

The core point here is that experts have researched and documented the benefits of exercising on aging. So why not use the exercise regime to increase vitality and hack your aging to live a happy and productive life. 


The 2WW from the 10 Tactics of lifelong genius suggests you schedule a 2nd workout during the evening in addition to your morning pocket 1 (move). 

The 2WW is a game-changer as it helps you beat exhaustion, re-energizes you, and strengthens your willpower. 

The author suggests a 1-hour walk in nature, bike ride, long swim lapse, yoga class to enhance deep thinking, load new ideas, and get time from digital disruptions. 

The 2 Massage protocol (2MP)

Studies have proved that massage therapy is an activity that significantly improves brain functioning, boosts mood, and reduces stress levels. The key here is having a deep tissue massage that hurts a little for the massage to display benefits. 

Some other scientific benefits of massage are:

  • 31% reduction in cortisol level (fear hormone)
  • 31% elevation in dopamine (motivation)
  • 28% increase in serotonin ( regulating anxiety and raising happiness)


The author suggests booking a 90 minutes massage session twice weekly. If you schedule it, you will get it done. 

Among the list of 10 tactics of lifelong genius, 2MP may seem a bit costly, time-consuming, and unfeasible to some. But the benefits of 2MP for mental development, cognitive advancement, health, and longevity are immense. 

Traffic University

The time taken for people to commute from their place to their workplace is immense. This time is wasted listening to toxic news, superficial banters, and negative stimulations that dissolve creativity and inner peace. 

A man who lives an average life wastes approximately 12 hundred days of the entire lifetime in traveling. 


Leverage your traveling time to learn and expand your personal and professional knowledge. Consume valuable resources such as audiobooks, podcasts, online courses, etc.


Only a single idea you discover from these resources has the power to multiply creativity, vitality, and growth. No investment other than participating in a traffic university can yield better results for your education and self-growth.  

Dream Team Technique

The next on the list of 10 tactics of lifelong genius is the dream team technique. Professional athletes need full team support to be the best in the world. 

Efficient performers believe in outsourcing and automating most of their activities except those within the realm of their mastery. It enhances their focus on one particular activity while also freeing a lot of time on the schedule. 


Robin Sharma suggests restructuring your entire work schedule by delegating tasks that are a poor use of your hours and energy. Ideally, your focus should only be on doing things you love to do and are great at doing it. 

This simple prioritization will also add significant personal freedom. Allocate the work to those that best suit the skills needed like a physical trainer for a workout, nutritionist for health, counselor for relationship advice, etc.

The Weekly Design System (WDS)

The things that get scheduled are often things that get done in the future. Planning your week in advance will give you a rough idea of the coming weekdays and things you need to accomplish. 

Although, you should keep space for versatile changes and miracles for last-minute activities that may pop up in the coming week. Habitual practice of weekly planning ensures a clear weekly script, amplifies your energy, ensures balance, and organizes your choices. 


Every Sunday morning, make it a point to set 30 minutes aside to create a blueprint for a beautiful week. Note all your commitments, appointments, business meetings, and work project deadlines. 


Also, set aside time for your victory hour, 60/10 cycles, and 90/90/1 sessions, along with family time. This planning will ensure extraordinary focus capacity, productivity, and improved work-life balance. 

The 60-minute student

Boundless curiosity and a never-ending appetite for growth make a person legendary. The more you know, the better you will do; in life, in the office, and everywhere else. Influential personalities and peak performers are lifetime learners and believe in becoming world-class students in life. 


The 60-minute student is the last but the most influential of the 10 Tactics of lifelong genius. This tactic suggests that every day for 60-minutes you should become a student and study. It will fireproof your commitment to continuous growth and development. 

The tasks you could do within this hour are reading a self-improvement book, taking an online program to learn skills, skill-building videos, and evaluating your journal. It will help you become an active thinker, deepen your wisdom, and add a stroke to your grandeur. 


These were the 10 Tactics of lifelong genius put forth by author Robin Sharma in his Book The 5 am club. The tactics mentioned in the list are highly applicable and beneficial in real life if you are consistent enough to see the results. Relentlessly follow these tactics to ensure amplified work performance, work-life balance, creativity, and inner peace. 


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