A strong and powerful personality can change the world. This article discusses 10 such hidden virtues that you find in a powerful personality. 

What is personality?  

Personality is derived from the Latin word persona, which refers to masks theater activists wear to perform and disguise in various characters.

Persona, in simple terms, refers to the face and personality you show to the outer world. Persona and personality are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings.

Persona is what you want to show people, and personality is a set of characteristics, qualities, thinking interests, and behavior that make you unique from others. 

While persona is more of a subjective term, personality is objective in nature. Persona is a part of our personality and hence shares some similarities. 

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A person who wants to make others think of him as wealthy and successful will drive fancy cars and eat in expensive restaurants to create that persona.  

While personality is deeper and relates to a person’s character and qualities which comes naturally to a person and are often difficult to change.

Different types of personality

Personalities can be categorized into 4 personality types: A, B, C, and D. Over the years, experts have come up with the combination of personality qualities that form these types of classification.

Let us briefly study these types of personalities.

  • Type A personality (the director)

These personalities are often in charge of their work, their life and the environment they work in. They are not very detail-oriented and believe in delegating the work to others. 

They often choose the no-nonsense, bottom line, and most logical solution to a problem. They are passionate and ambitious personalities that believe in achieving goals. 

  • Type B personalities (Socializers)

These personality types include very energetic, social, and outgoing individuals who enjoy the attention of people. These are relationship-oriented individuals. 

They like everyone and want to be appreciated by everyone in return. They crave attention, words of applause, admiration, achievement, and compliments. 

  • Type C personalities ( The thinker)

Type C personalities are detail-oriented and get involved in an accurate, stable, rational, and logical environment where everything is under control. 

They are fact and accuracy-driven individuals who often view emotions as barriers to their work. As the objective is more important to them than emotions, they sometimes show detached behavior.  

  • Type D personality ( The supporter)

Individuals in these types are slow-paced and have a cautious overlook of their work and life. Security and durability are of utmost importance to them, and hence they are content in doing repetitive and tedious tasks. 

They are task-oriented and very skilled in what they do. They are cautious of changes and want to work in a stable environment with minimal desire for change. 

Personality Traits

Personality traits are characteristics that reflect a person’s feelings, behavior, thoughts, and character. These traits are stable and consistent in an individual. Personality traits include shyness, social, bubbly, extrovert, reserved, or anxiety. 

They are segregated into the 5 most common parameters known as the big five personality traits for superior and easy understanding. Easily remembered as OCEAN’s acronym. The OCEAN includes Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. 

Today, we will see 10 hidden virtues of a powerful personality.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever felt instantly drawn or influenced by someone who has just entered the room? You may or may not know them. But that person’s aura immediately impresses you and leaves a mark on everyone present in the room. 

It could be his looks, status, or character that marks a positive effect on you. All this constitutes personality. You are actually impressed with their powerful personality.

  • Physical appearance

Physical appearance consists of looks, physics, dressing sense, and the way a person carries himself. Humans are obsessively attracted to good looks and visual delights. 

Hence, a good-looking person can quickly become influential. Though looks should not be a parameter, good-looking people can easily make connections. 

Now you must be thinking that looks are something one is gifted with, and I can’t change it. Of course, you can’t, but you can work on your physics. 

No one likes to see plump and oversized individuals. And this is something you can control by regularly hitting the gym, cutting on your junk, and eating healthy. 

Also, dressing reflects your thinking, character, and taste. Generally, people wearing loud makeup and bright colors are seen as party-loving extroverts. While light and specific colors with polished and ironed clothes symbolize professional and mature behavior. 

It is rightly said that an individual is known by his address and his dress. So ensure you dress according to your taste, body type, complexion, occasion, and style. 

If you don’t know what to wear or what looks good on you, ask someone knowledgeable like your family member, friend, or professional. 

  • Communication skills

Practical and effective communication skills are of crucial importance to building a powerful personality. A well-spoken person who has an excellent command of the language can easily impress others and make connections. 

People listen to those who can clearly express their opinions, feelings, and views most convincingly.

In this world, everything is communication, and communication is everything. In each and every field, effective communication is the ladder you need to climb to ensure success and influence the world. 

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Now note that unwanted blabbers and effective communication differ. 

Unwanted blabber doesn’t add any meaning to a conversation. While effective communication is to the point, precise, easily understandable, and connects people.

If you aren’t good at communication, don’t worry. There are tons of videos on the internet that can help you become a wise and effective communicator. 

Some points to remember are:

  • Maintain eye-contact
  • Open body language
  • Keep it to the point
  • Be authentic and connect to the people, colleagues, group
  • Be a good listener to be an effective communicator.

Effective communication is not something one is born with, but it improves with continuous practice and rehearsals.

  • Connections and support

Man as a social animal craves a connection with other human beings. Sometimes people who have solid relationships and support can be seen as influential personalities. 

People who connect with other people and to whom other people can relate are seen as influential personalities. 

The most common example is that one friend in your high school who may not be rich but had solid connections and could get anything done for you. These networking and relation-building skills of an individual can serve to be a quality of powerful personality. 

Robust and continuous relationship building needs patience, effective communication, a desire to help others, and a determined futuristic mindset. 

Making connections can be easy once you become a good communicator but maintaining those relationships is more critical and challenging.

  • Special skills or talent

A person quickly becomes famous and has an influential personality if he has some talent or special skills to show. You often remember someone who is an excellent dancer or singer. These unique skill sets of their dancing or singing impressed you and left a mark. 

Similarly, a person who can play guitar, act, make other people laugh, or motivate are also a specially skilled or talented individual. You are influenced by these people as they are good at what they do. 

This is the reason why so many people include a unique skill set in their resume to impress their interviewer and influence them. 

  • Strong mentality

Strong mentality individuals are open to new things, adaptable, and continuously move forward. Even though they have their fears, they conquer their fears while moving ahead. 

These individuals have a certain aura, and they don’t go along following what everyone is doing. They do what they feel is essential and correct, according to them. 

Being very self-aware, they take full responsibility for their life. They also take full accountability for their mistakes and commitments. 

These individuals do not fear changes but constantly evolve themself to meet new challenges every day. Such adaptable and strong individuals often impress others with their mentality and openness. 

The famous Harry Potter book series was rejected by twelve publication houses before finding success with Bloomsbury Publications. 

After so many rejections, J.K. Rowling, being a person with a strong mentality, still had faith in her books, and today, it is one of the most famous and renowned series of all time. 

  • Vision and determination

A strong vision and determination to achieve life’s goals are the most attractive factors influencing a personality. 

A person who knows where he wants to go, what he wants to achieve, how to achieve it, and makes active efforts towards it motivates and impacts other people to do the same.

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You don’t have to be big to think and dream about something big. You just have to be determined enough to put in all the hard work and efforts needed to achieve something big. 

People who have strong vision often have high self-esteem and self-confidence. These qualities influence others and make you a powerful personality. They do not remain stuck in their comfort zone but continuously challenge it, get outside it, and achieve success by conquering their fears. 

Elon Musk, a visionary businessman who is the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal, had the vision of developing electric cars from the start when nobody knew about them. And today, electric cars are the future, and Tesla is the leading brand of electric cars. 

  • Courage and kindness

Courage and kindness are two such qualities that are missing in today’s generation. In today’s fast-paced modern life, people have forgotten to be kind and courageous. The quality of your life is not measured by your wealth and status but by your contribution to the world. 

When you die, you have to leave everything behind: your partner, house, cars, gadgets, everything. People will only remember your contribution to the world, to humanity. 

A Chinese proverb says that some fragrance is always left behind in the hands who give a rose. This means showing kindness and courage will eventually also lift your life and personality.

Here courageous refers to doing something for the good of people like Gandhiji did. He did not have wealth nor status, but today he is the Father of Our Nation because of his kindness and courage to do something for people. 

Now, you don’t have to do charity and donations if you don’t have money. Small acts of kindness such as letting someone pass first in the traffic, helping the homeless, doing voluntary work, and helping those in need can also do wonders. 

  • Self-control and discipline

The power of self-discipline and self-control often conquers wonders. As an African proverb says, when spider webs unite together, they can even tie a lion. Small routine acts done regularly quickly become habits. And habits shape our entire life. 

The abundance of discipline, willpower, and self-control are vital attributes of strong personalities and a way to a beautiful life. Self-disciplined people do what they say they will do and when they will do it. 

Self-control and discipline are influential personality virtues. This is the reason why many people are influenced by modern-day saints and gurujis. 

  • Problem solver

Now, let’s face it. No one likes a person who is always whining about his life, work, family, and almost everything. If you have such a friend in your group, you will soon realize that talking to him ruins your mood. 

You are attracted to someone who has a lot of problems, but he is always finding ways to solve the issues rather than complain about them. This is what you call a problem-solver mindset.

Problem solvers are logical people who find rational solutions to their problems without getting emotional and gaining sympathy. They have a systematic and transparent mindset of looking for opportunities within problematic situations.

Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba, applied to Harvard 10 times and was rejected every single time. But he kept on introspecting and changing himself, and today he is China’s famous business magnate. 

  • Leadership skills

An effective leader or leadership skills influence many with the skills, dedication, honesty, and trustworthiness. People and teams look up to the leaders as their role models and want to become like them. 

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A self-aware person, who knows how to make someone do something and learns to take responsibility for his actions, whether positive or negative, is an effective leader. 

A good leader has empathy and communicates effectively while giving credit to all team members. A person with good leadership skills often stands out in the crowd. 

Steve Jobs is an excellent example of a leader. He is the reason for smartphones’ widespread success and innovation. Through his hard work, leadership skills, and creativity Apple is the leader in the smartphone market today. 


The most unique thing about personality is that it can be shaped. You can change your character with all the critical elements noted in this list. Though a bit difficult, personalities can be modified with constant efforts and minor changes over a long period. 

With immense other distinctive benefits, Reading self-improvement books is the easiest and most effective way to make your character influential. Personality is more than looks and outer appearance. Beauty may get your attention, but a good personality wins hearts. 

Soul Potion 

Don’t compare your personality with others. Compare it with yourself. Personality improves by comparing your previous self with today’s self. 

Ask yourself what I can do to make myself better today? Pick up any virtue you like in a powerful personality and try to inculcate it in your life. Don’t go for a big catch; start with slow steps.

Make sure you are slightly better than you were yesterday. Slowly, these tiny changes today will make your personality influential tomorrow. 

Comment below which virtue do you feel is the most important in a powerful personality.


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